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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Flame - Grilled Chicken

[more info]Chicken Breast2208092.5014062000036
[more info]Chicken Breast, Skinless180353.51011056000035
[more info]Chopped Breast Meat100151.50.507033000021
[more info]Leg90354107017000012
[more info]Skinless Breast Meal without Tortilla Strips or Dressing on Salad27070820110690114439
[more info]Thigh220130154.5018032000021
[more info]Wing904551.506029000011

Premium Salads

[more info]Avocado Bacon Tostada with Dressing1,340830921601252,180849746
[more info]Avocado Bacon Tostada without Dressing9004104690901,590818443
[more info]Chicken Tostada Salad without Dressing860380421101001,430777541
[more info]Chicken Tostada Salad without Dressing or Shell43012013601001,130435434
[more info]Grilled Chicken Salad without Dressing or Tortilla Strips17035410075560102425

Stuffed Quesadillas Bowls & Soup

[more info]Chicken Avocado Stuffed Quesadilla98056062230.51751,920614349
[more info]Chicken Bacon Guacamole Stuffed Quesadilla88046051230.51852,080563252
[more info]Large Chicken Tortilla Soup with Tortilla Strips45017019601301,810405434
[more info]Large Chicken Tortilla Soup without Tortilla Strips30010011401301,810223432
[more info]Pollo Bowl®610901020701,7508711340
[more info]Small Chicken Tortilla Soup with Tortilla Strips2108093060830192216
[more info]Small Chicken Tortilla Soup without Tortilla Strips1404552060830101215
[more info]Ultimate Pollo Bowl®960300341302002,2809212470

Chicken Burritos

[more info]Chicken Avocado Burrito950470531511552,110749548
[more info]Classic Chicken Burrito5301501760601,380686225
[more info]El Tradicional Burrito78028031110.501,860867540
[more info]Poblano Burrito910350391211452,390939449
[more info]Spicy Chipotle Burrito860310351411602,500867548

Loco Value Menu

[more info]BRC Burrito4301101250151,020645<115
[more info]Chicken Leg90354107017000012
[more info]Chicken Taquito with Avocado Salsa22011013202042019327
[more info]Crunchy Chicken Taco300160175055440212114
[more info]Flan2601101210050125340345
[more info]Grilled Chicken Tortilla Roll4001401560901,100381026
[more info]Loco Side Salad210170183.50152608233
[more info]Taco al Carbón1605061.5040290181<110
[more info]Two Churros300170184.5025210322103


[more info]Black Beans200000007703510015
[more info]Cole Slaw13090101.50<52209271
[more info]Corn Cobbette1604051.50<545256114
[more info]Flame-Grilled Corn1304550.50029021223
[more info]French Fries330150172.50070040404
[more info]Fresh Vegetables with Margarine60303000658332
[more info]Fresh Vegetables without Margarine3500000358332
[more info]Gravy10000001502000
[more info]Loco Side Salad210170183.50152608233
[more info]Macaroni & Cheese25013015904073022038
[more info]Mashed Potatoes110151.50.500400232<12
[more info]Pinto Beans2003540.500370298111
[more info]Rice170202.500056033<1<13
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries33018020300450343112

Kid's Combos

[more info]Chicken Leg90354107017000012
[more info]Chicken Nuggets22011012204068014<1015
[more info]Mini Pollo Bowl3405061040900487123


[more info]Large Creamy Cilantro Dressing4404204670355903033
[more info]Light Creamy Cilantro7045510<54006031
[more info]Lowfat Citrus Vinaigrette703541003908070
[more info]Ranch230210243.50103902021
[more info]Regular Creamy Cilantro Dressing1901802030152601011

Salsas & More

[more info]Avocado Salsa30202.50002102<100
[more info]BBQ Sauce35000003807021
[more info]House Salsa10000001602010
[more info]Jalapeño Hot Sauce5000001101000
[more info]Ketchup10000001002020
[more info]Pico de Gallo15510001702010
[more info]Queso Sauce Large1601201380403904016
[more info]Queso Sauce Small705063.50201702002
[more info]Salsa Roja15000004604<120
[more info]Sour Cream806074.5025201001

Tortillas & Chips

[more info]6" Corn Tortillas110151.5000522202
[more info]6.5" Flour Tortillas2207072.50040033315
[more info]Tortilla Chips190100111.50015021202
[more info]Tortilla Chips & Guacamole7404104660074077929


[more info]Caramel Flan2601101210050125340345
[more info]Two Churros300170184.5025210322103
[more info]Vanilla Kid Cone1904553020100320275
[more info]Vanilla Large Cone4901201380502708107213
[more info]Vanilla Small Cone3207085030170530448
[more info]Vanilla Soft Serve3008085035170480478

Kid's Beverages

[more info]Barq's Root Beer - Kids1100000025250250
[more info]Cherry Coke® - Kids100000005280280
[more info]Chocolate Milk 1%200252.51.50<523034<13311
[more info]Coca-Cola® - Kids100000000270270
[more info]Coke Zero® - Kids00000050000
[more info]Diet Coke® - Kids000000100000
[more info]Dr Pepper® - Kids1000000025250240
[more info]FUZE® Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea - Kids600000010160160
[more info]Fanta® Orange - Kids1100000010280280
[more info]Hi-C® Flashin' Fruit Punch® - Kids1000000060280280
[more info]Horchata - Kids2050.500003020
[more info]Minute Maid® Lemonade - Kids1000000040250250
[more info]Minute Maid® Light Lemonade - Kids50000001000
[more info]Reduced Fat Milk13045530251301301310
[more info]Sprite® - Kids1000000020260260

Small Beverages

[more info]Barq's Root Beer - Small1800000040500500
[more info]Cherry Coke® - Small170000005470470
[more info]Coca-Cola® - Small160000000450450
[more info]Coke Zero® - Small00000050000
[more info]Diet Coke® - Small000000150000
[more info]Dr Pepper® - Small1700000040430410
[more info]FUZE® Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea - Small1000000015270270
[more info]Fanta® Orange - Small180000000470430
[more info]Gold Peak® Fresh-Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea - Small000000100000
[more info]Hi-C® Flashin' Fruit Punch® - Small1700000015460460
[more info]Horchata - Small3010100005040
[more info]Minute Maid® Lemonade - Small1600000070420420
[more info]Minute Maid® Light Lemonade - Small50000051000
[more info]Sprite® - Small1600000035430410

Medium Beverages

[more info]Barq's Root Beer - Medium2900000060800800
[more info]Cherry Coke® - Medium2700000010750750
[more info]Coca-Cola® - Medium260000005710710
[more info]Coke Zero® - Medium000000100000
[more info]Diet Coke® - Medium000000250000
[more info]Dr Pepper® - Medium2700000065680650
[more info]FUZE® Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea - Medium1600000020430430
[more info]Fanta® Orange - Medium280000000760750
[more info]Hi-C® Flashin' Fruit Punch® - Medium2700000025730730
[more info]Horchata - Medium45151.5000108060
[more info]Minute Maid® Lemonade - Medium26000000110670670
[more info]Minute Maid® Light Lemonade - Medium1000000101000
[more info]Sprite® - Medium2600000060690690

Large Beverages

[more info]Barq's Root Beer - Large370000008010001000
[more info]Cherry Coke® - Large3400000015940940
[more info]Coca-Cola® - Large3300000010890890
[more info]Coke Zero® - Large000000150000
[more info]Dr Pepper® - Large3400000080860810
[more info]FUZE® Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea - Large2000000025540540
[more info]Fanta® Orange - Large350000000950940
[more info]Gold Peak® Fresh-Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea - Large00000001000
[more info]Hi-C® Flashin' Fruit Punch® - Large3500000030930920
[more info]Horchata - Large60202.50001010080
[more info]Minute Maid® Lemonade - Large32000000140840640
[more info]Minute Maid® Light Lemonade - Large1500000102000
[more info]Sprite® - Large3200000070860860

Puffy Shell Tacos

[more info]Chicken & Chorizo Puffy Shell Taco400200237060970322218
[more info]Chicken Avocado Poblano Puffy Shell Taco440230268070970322120
[more info]Chicken Guacamole Puffy Shell Taco4702102370651,030445122


[more info]Chicken Citrus Avocado Salad with dressing5002302650801,4304052931
[more info]Chicken Citrus Avocado Salad without dressing3401601840805302151231
[more info]Family Meal Citrus Avocado Salad with dressing4102202550<51,1104363111
[more info]Family Meal Citrus Avocado Salad without dressing2601401630<52002351411
[more info]Mexican Chicken Cobb Salad with Dressing970640711401401,670439742
[more info]Mexican Chicken Cobb Salad without Dressing53023025701001,070408440

Signature Summer Burritos

[more info]Chicken & Chorizo Burrito870340381311352,250868544
[more info]Chicken Bacon Avocado Burrito990530591811902,380604454
[more info]Chicken Fajita Burrito920470521511501,830709545

Stuffed Quesadillas

[more info]Chicken Fajita99057063231.51651,790604347

Tacos & Nachos

[more info]2 Chicken Avocado Soft Tacos630310351101401,810446241
[more info]2 Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos56025028701201,950487536
[more info]Chicken Avocado Soft Taco320160176070900223121
[more info]Chicken Nachos1,050550611801301,6808910434
[more info]Spicy Chicken Soft Taco280120144060980244218

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