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Limited Time Offerings

Bagelrito[more info]93040180.52002,16010401041
Egg Sandwich, All-Nighter, Select Locations[more info]90058160.52801,780650832
Egg Sandwich, Bacon Avocado Tomato, Thin 1 Egg White[more info]410184015850462617
Egg Sandwich, Bacon Avocado Tomato, Thin 2 Egg Whites[more info]450194.50151,020472624
Egg Sandwich, Bacon Avocado Tomato Thin 1 Egg White, Select Locations[more info]400173.5015770472717
Egg Sandwich, Bacon Avocado Tomato Thin 2 Egg Whites, Select Locations[more info]430173.5015860472723
Hash Brown Side[more info]17011603526012117
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Press, Select Locations, 16 Fl oz[more info]14042.502040370351
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Press, Select Locations, 20 Fl oz[more info]2006403055550532
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Press, Select Locations, 24 Fl oz[more info]2708504075740713

Classic Bagels

Classic Bagels, Ancient Grain[more info]28050.500540498711
Classic Bagels, Cinnamon Raisin[more info]2801000430582129
Classic Bagels, Cinnamon Raisin, Select Locations[more info]2901000490624129
Classic Bagels, Cranberry[more info]3104000420602119
Classic Bagels, Everything[more info]280200060056259
Classic Bagels, Everything, Select Locations[more info]2801.500053058469
Classic Bagels, Garlic[more info]2802000480572510
Classic Bagels, Honey Whole Wheat[more info]2603000550497710
Classic Bagels, Honey Whole Wheat, Select Locations[more info]2903.5000490547910
Classic Bagels, Onion[more info]2701.500050055249
Classic Bagels, Plain[more info]270100048056259
Classic Bagels, Plain, Select Locations[more info]270100054058469
Classic Bagels, Poppy[more info]2902.500048056259
Classic Bagels, Pumpernickel[more info]2701.5000520553410
Classic Bagels, Sesame[more info]2902.5000480562510
Classic Bagels, Sesame Seed, Select Locations[more info]2802000530574610
Classic Bagels, Sourdough, Select Locations[more info]27040.500440492310

Signature Bagels

Signature Bagels, Asiago Cheese[more info]30042010580542510
Signature Bagels, Asiago Cheese, Select Locations[more info]2903.52010590533510
Signature Bagels, Blueberry[more info]2901000450592119
Signature Bagels, Blueberry, Select Locations[more info]2801000490604109
Signature Bagels, Chocolate Chip[more info]3003.51.500450583109
Signature Bagels, Chocolate Chip, Select Locations[more info]30031.500510604109
Signature Bagels, Cinnamon Sugar[more info]3003100490612129
Signature Bagels, French Toast[more info]37071.500510682209
Signature Bagels, Pretzel[more info]260100088054259
Signature Bagels, Pretzel, Select Locations[more info]27040001,27051369

Thintastic Bagels

Thintastic Bagels, Ancient Grain Thin[more info]190300040034558
Thintastic Bagels, Honey Whole Wheat Thin[more info]190200040035559
Thintastic Bagels, Plain Thin[more info]1900.500034040147
Thintastic Bagels, Whole Wheat Thin[more info]190200040035559

Gourmet Bagels

Gourmet Bagels, Apple Cinnamon[more info]4509200550832309
Gourmet Bagels, Cheesy Hashbrown Bagel[more info]400124010730602513
Gourmet Bagels, Green Chile[more info]390125025780543617
Gourmet Bagels, Jalapeno Cheddar[more info]34093015760522512
Gourmet Bagels, Power Protein Bagel[more info]35061002906441712
Gourmet Bagels, Six-Cheese[more info]370104020730532516
Gourmet Bagels, Spinach Florentine[more info]370124.5015700533514

Specialty Breads

Specialty Breads, Potato Roll[more info]280400052052259
Specialty Breads, Potato Roll, Parbake, Select Locations[more info]29040.500460564610
Specialty Breads, Tortilla[more info]290730075050609

Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear

Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Garden Veggie Reduced Fat[more info]110960251805022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Garlic Herb Reduced Fat[more info]110960251805022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Honey Almond Reduced Fat[more info]120860257511072
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Jalapeno Salsa Reduced Fat[more info]110860251906022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Maple Reduced Fat[more info]11085025858061
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Onion & Chive[more info]1201070301004022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Plain[more info]1201280351152022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Plain Reduced Fat[more info]100960251804022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Smoked Salmon[more info]1101060352504022
Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear, Strawberry Reduced Fat[more info]12096030909071

Crafted Whipped Shmear

Crafted Whipped Shmear, Country Pepper Shmear[more info]403.52.5010502011


Butter[more info]10012500850000
Honey[more info]9000000230220
Hummus[more info]11081.5002006203
Natural Peanut Butter[more info]240203.50010511349
Natural Strawberry Jelly[more info]7000000180160
Peanut Butter & Jelly[more info]320203.500105293219


1 Egg White[more info]3510001701006
1 Fresh Cracked Egg[more info]806201851401006
2 Egg White[more info]701.50.50033010012
2 Fresh Cracked Eggs[more info]160114037028010113
Fried Egg Patty, Select Locations[more info]9071.501101101005


Cheddar 1 Slice[more info]604.53015900004
Mozzarella 1 Slice[more info]40320101000203
Pepper Jack 1 Slice[more info]504.530101250003
Swiss 1 Slice[more info]504.53015650004


Bacon 1 Serving[more info]453.51.50102100003
Chorizo Sausage Patty[more info]2101970403201008
Crispy Chicken Patty[more info]210111.5045390120012
Ham, Breakfast[more info]45100255401018
Ham, Lunch[more info]902.510501,09020117
Lox 1 Serving[more info]9041201565020011
Pepperoni 1 Serving[more info]9093.50153501014
Turkey, Lunch[more info]80100351,01031214
Turkey Sausage Patty[more info]7041.50252801017


Basil Pesto[more info]110121.50<51401002
Chipotle Salsa[more info]50000801010
Mayo[more info]110122010450000
Mustard, Spicy Brown Deli[more info]1500001400000
Roasted Tomato Spread[more info]150162.50102302010
Salsa Verde[more info]500001251010


Veggies, Arugula[more info]5000001000
Veggies, Avocado[more info]60510002201
Veggies, Capers[more info]00000700000
Veggies, Cucumber[more info]5000001000
Veggies, Granola[more info]601.50002510141
Veggies, Pickle Spear[more info]000002600000
Veggies, Red Onion[more info]5000001000
Veggies, Sauteed Mushroom[more info]3031.500701011
Veggies, Spinach[more info]50000101000
Veggies, Tomato[more info]10000002110

Classic 1 Egg Sandwiches (Plain Bagel Unless Noted)

Classic 1 Egg Sandwiches, Applewood Bacon & Cheddar[more info]4501560210930572622
Classic 1 Egg Sandwiches, Cheddar Cheese[more info]4101150200710572619
Classic 1 Egg Sandwiches, Ham & Swiss[more info]45012502251,230572628
Classic 1 Egg Sandwiches, Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss, on Ancient Grain[more info]4902280200930539825
Classic 1 Egg Sandwiches, Turkey Sausage & Cheddar[more info]4801570225990582626

Classic 2 Egg Sandwiches (Plain Bagel Unless Noted)

Classic 2 Egg Sandwiches, Applewood Bacon & Cheddar[more info]5202080.53951,050562628
Classic 2 Egg Sandwiches, Cheddar Cheese[more info]4901770.5385850572625
Classic 2 Egg Sandwiches, Ham & Swiss[more info]5301870.54101,370582734
Classic 2 Egg Sandwiches, Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss, on Ancient Grain[more info]56028100.53851,070549831
Classic 2 Egg Sandwiches, Turkey Sausage & Cheddar[more info]5502190.54151,130582732

Classic Egg White Sandwiches (Plain Bagel Unless Noted)

Classic Egg White Sandwiches, Applewood Bacon & Cheddar[more info]410105025950572622
Classic Egg White Sandwiches, Cheddar Cheese[more info]36073.5015740562519
Classic Egg White Sandwiches, Ham & Swiss[more info]400840401,260572628
Classic Egg White Sandwiches, Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss, on Ancient Grain[more info]440186015960539825
Classic Egg White Sandwiches, Turkey Sausage & Cheddar[more info]4301150401,020582626

Chef's Creations: 1 Egg Sandwiches

Chef's Creations: 1 Egg Sandwiches, Chorizo Sunrise[more info]84051200.52751,460615836
Chef's Creations: 1 Egg Sandwiches, Crispy Chicken & Tater[more info]80038140.52651,420763736
Chef's Creations: 1 Egg Sandwiches, Farmhouse[more info]68032140.52601,790643736
Chef's Creations: 1 Egg Sandwiches, Santa Fe Sandwich[more info]560221102451,300602829

Chef's Creations: 2 Egg Sandwiches

Chef's Creations: 2 Egg Sandwiches, All-Nighter[more info]880551714301,850652835
Chef's Creations: 2 Egg Sandwiches, Chorizo Sunrise[more info]920572214601,600625842
Chef's Creations: 2 Egg Sandwiches, Crispy Chicken & Tater[more info]880431614551,560763743
Chef's Creations: 2 Egg Sandwiches, Farmhouse[more info]760371614451,930653842
Chef's Creations: 2 Egg Sandwiches, Santa Fe Sandwich[more info]64028130.54351,440612836

Chef's Creations: Egg White Sandwiches

Chef's Creations: Egg White Sandwiches, Bacon Avocado Tomato Thin[more info]410184015850464617
Chef's Creations: Egg White Sandwiches, Chorizo Sunrise[more info]80047190901,480615736
Chef's Creations: Egg White Sandwiches, Crispy Chicken & Tater[more info]75033120801,450753636
Chef's Creations: Egg White Sandwiches, Farmhouse[more info]64027120701,810643736
Chef's Creations: Egg White Sandwiches, Santa Fe Sandwich[more info]52018100601,320602829

Classic Egg Sandwiches (Plain Bagel Unless Noted)

Applewood Bacon & Cheddar, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]4701760135950594622
Cheddar Cheese, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]420134.50125740594619
Ham & Swiss, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]47014501501,260604728
Spinach Mushroom Swiss, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]4902070125890625721
Turkey Sausage & Cheddar, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]49017601551,020604726

Signature Egg Sandwiches

Bacon Avocado Tomato Thin, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]400173.5015770475717
Crispy Chicken & Tater, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]810401301951,390763635
Farmhouse, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]680321301801,740643735
Santa Fe on Asiago Thin, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]4201690601,090422628
Southwest Egg White, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]4001470501,090453624


Big Bro's Burrito[more info]1,200743313402,440905450

Signature Lunch Sandwiches

Albacore Tuna Salad on Ancient Grain, Sandwich[more info]550263.5040800539929
Albacore Tuna Salad on Plain Bagel, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]510182.50401,690615828
Chicken Salad on Plain Bagel, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]520173065880625931
Ham & Swiss on Plain Bagel, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]5602050701,890635932
Ham & Swiss on Potato Roll, Sandwich[more info]5702360701,870573831
Hummus Veg Out on Ancient Grain, Sandwich[more info]410144.501575059101017
Hummus Veg Out on Honey Whole Wheat, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]4201240157006491216
Nova Lox & Bagel, Sandwich[more info]4801790501,300602922
Nova Lox on Plain Bagel, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]5001790501,3406451023
Tasty Turkey on Asiago Bagel, Sandwich[more info]5201590751,7106641029
Tasty Turkey on Asiago Bagel, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]5101590751,7206451029
Turkey & Cheddar on Plain Bagel, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]5501950551,8406561028
Turkey & Cheddar Potato Roll, Sandwich[more info]5602260551,820593927
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado, Sandwich[more info]6303050551,9806251028
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado on Ciabatta, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]5802850552,070545526

Hot And Toasty Lunch Sandwiches

Pizza Bagel Cheese, Sandwich[more info]4401480401,000582723
Pizza Bagel Pepperoni, Sandwich[more info]53023120551,340592727

Hot Sandwiches

Albuquerque Turkey, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]68030160.51052,2806041040
Buffalo Chicken & Bacon Tostini, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]57023901001,760492240
Chicken & Pepperoni, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]680351401251,550502347
Pizza Bagel Cheese, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]4501480401,070625724
Pizza Bagel Pepperoni, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]54023110551,420625828
Roasted Veggie Tostini, Select Locations, Sandwich[more info]47023120451,020534420


Avocado Toast[more info]40012200700615511
Barbeque Kettle Chips[more info]180910025022202
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait[more info]200200<5115384248
Fruit Cup[more info]50000010131111
Original Kettle Chips[more info]1801010017021202
Redskin Potato Salad[more info]220152.501049017212
Twice Baked Hash Brown[more info]17011603526012117


Redskin Potato Salad[more info]220152.501049017212
Soup, Broccoli Cheese, 8 oz[more info]2301750201,14014335
Soup, Broccoli Cheese, 12 oz[more info]3302470251,67020446
Soup, Broccoli Cheese, 16 oz[more info]4303290352,21027558
Soup, Chicken Noodle, 8 oz[more info]1102.50.50201,11012018
Soup, Chicken Noodle, 12 oz[more info]160410301,660180212
Soup, Chicken Noodle, 16 oz[more info]21051.50402,210240316
Soup, Vegetarian Chile, 8 oz[more info]160200081028756
Soup, Vegetarian Chile, 12 oz[more info]23030001,220421189
Soup, Vegetarian Chile, 16 oz[more info]31040001,62056151012

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast[more info]40012200700615511
Avocado Toast, Select Locations[more info]41013200660627612


Chewy Marshmallow Bar, Select Locations[more info]25053015240490262
Cinnamon Twist[more info]36016600250502244
Cinnamon Twist Poppers, Select Locations[more info]36016600250502244
Coffee Cake, Chocolate Chip[more info]55025100<5190811344
Cooke, Mini Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookie Poppers, Select Locations[more info]69037190.595430873508
Cookie, Heavenly Chocolate Chip[more info]4602413065290582335
Cookie, Mini Heavenly Chocolate Chip[more info]1,1506132116072014658414
Muffin, Blueberry[more info]450235075440551295
Muffin, Cinnamon Chip[more info]540277075440691465
Pastry, Chocolate Croissant[more info]3101710065290331106
Pastry, Chocolate Croissant, Select Locations[more info]3001710050280331106
Pastry, Greek Cherry Yogurt[more info]38018110.575300471217
Pastry, Greek Cherry Yogurt, Select Locations[more info]35018110.575300401157
Pastry, Plain Croissant[more info]390221001056041258
Strudel, Cinnamon Walnut[more info]64035110305007143210


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.