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Classic Bagels

Ancient Grain[more info]29050.5004505079613
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel[more info]280100046059211410
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]290100049061212410
Cranberry Bagel[more info]3103.50.50044059212109
Cranberry Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]3104100470603131010
Everything Bagel[more info]28010005705725411
Everything Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]2801.50005405826410
Garlic Bagel[more info]2801.50005105725411
Honey Whole Wheat Bagel[more info]28030.5004405168712
Honey Whole Wheat Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]2903.50004805269812
Onion Bagel[more info]2800.50005105826410
Plain Bagel[more info]2700.50005105625410
Plain Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]28010005405826410
Poppy Bagel[more info]28020005105635411
Pumpernickel Bagel[more info]27010004205534210
Sesame Bagel[more info]29020005105625411
Sesame Seed Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]28020005305626411

Signature Bagels

Asiago Cheese Bagel[more info]3003.51.50106505425413
Asiago Cheese Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]3102.51.50<56405725413
Blueberry Bagel[more info]280100<5410021089
Blueberry Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]280000049059210810
Chocolate Chip Bagel[more info]28031.50047056210910
Chocolate Chip Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]2902.51.50049058210810
Cinnamon Sugar Bagel[more info]30020.500520613111010
French Toast Bagel[more info]380720049070221910
French Toast Bagel, Select Loations[more info]3204.5100500602111010
Pretzel Bagel[more info]2600.50004,4405425410

Thin Bagels

Ancient Grain Thin Bagel[more info]1902.5000340354749
Everything Thin Bagel[more info]2001000410412438
Honey Whole Wheat Thin Bagel[more info]2002.5000320375659
Plain Thin Bagel[more info]2000000370412437

Gourmet Bagels

Apple Cinnamon Bagel[more info]420720061078228259
Cheesy Hash Brown Bagel[more info]390114.50106405935413
Green Chile Bagel[more info]3901150256905536418
Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel[more info]33083.50156505125413
Power Protein Bagel[more info]310400016059412511
Six-Cheese Bagel[more info]360104.50206505125416
Spinach Florentine Bagel[more info]370114.50155605235414

Specialty Breads

Flour Tortilla[more info]2907300750506009
Potato Roll[more info]2703.50.500420502549

Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear

Garden Veggie Reduced Fat Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]1009603019050202
Garlic Herb Reduced Fat Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]1109503019050202
Honey Almond Reduced Fat Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]12094.502580100752
Jalapeno Salsa Reduced Fat Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]1009502519051202
Onion & Chive Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]11010603510540002
Plain Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]12012704012020202
Strawberry Reduced Fat Whipped Cream Cheese Shmear[more info]120950309090650

Crafted Whipped Shmear

Country Pepper Shmear[more info]60530157530000


Butter Blend[more info]110125008500000
Honey[more info]900000023022220
Natural Peanut Butter[more info]240214.500105104539
Natural Strawberry Jelly[more info]600000016014140
Peanut Butter and Jam[more info]320203.5001052932109


1 Cage Free Egg[more info]8062018514000006
1 Egg White[more info]35000017000006
2 Cage Free Eggs[more info]1601140370280200013
2 Egg White[more info]701.50.500330000012
Fried Egg Patty[more info]9081.5012010500005


American Cheese[more info]504.52.501525010102
Cheddar Cheese[more info]604.52.50159500003
Swiss Cheese[more info]604.52.50152500004


Bacon[more info]705201524010105
Brisket[more info]150114.5040460000011
Chorizo Sausage Patty[more info]16016503039000005
Ham, Breakfast[more info]450001548020206
Ham, Lunch[more info]902.50035970403012
Lox Cold Smoked Salmon[more info]12081025510001012
Pepperoni[more info]9093.502033010003
Turkey, Lunch[more info]9010035740502214
Turkey Sausage Patty[more info]8061.504026000007


Chipotle Mayo[more info]90101.50<511500000
Chipotle Salsa[more info]500008000000
Double Egg Mayo[more info]1001220104000000
Roasted Tomato Spread[more info]8081.50<511000000
Spicy Brown Mustard[more info]15000014000000


Avocado[more info]5040.500032001
Capers[more info]000006000000
Cucumber[more info]50000010000
Pickle Spear[more info]0000026000000
Red Onion[more info]50000000000
Spinach[more info]500001000000
Tomato[more info]100000020000

Classic Egg Sandwiches

Applewood Bacon & Cheddar Classic Egg Sandwich (Select Locations)[more info]47017601359505946022
Bacon & Cheddar Classic 2-Egg Sandwich[more info]5502190.54001,1305827431
Bacon & Cheddar Classic Egg Sandwich[more info]45016702159805826425
Bacon & Cheddar Classic Egg White Sandwich[more info]4301150301,0105726425
Cheddar Cheese Classic 2-Egg Sandwich[more info]4801670.53858905726426
Cheddar Cheese Classic Egg Sandwich[more info]400114.502007405725420
Cheddar Cheese Classic Egg Sandwich (Select Locations)[more info]420134.501257405946019
Cheddar Cheese Classic Egg White Sandwich[more info]360630157705625420
Ham & Swiss Classic 2-Egg Sandwich[more info]5301770.54001,3005927433
Ham & Swiss Classic Egg Sandwich[more info]45012502151,1605927426
Ham & Swiss Classic Egg Sandwich (Select Locations)[more info]47014501501,2606047028
Ham & Swiss Classic Egg White Sandwich[more info]40073.50301,1805827426
Turkey Sausage & Cheddar Classic 2-Egg Sandwich[more info]5702280.54251,1405826433
Turkey Sausage & Cheddar Classic Egg Sandwich[more info]49017602401,0005726427
Turkey Sausage & Cheddar Classic Egg Sandwich (Select Locations)[more info]49017601551,0206047026
Turkey Sausage & Cheddar Classic Egg White Sandwich[more info]450124.50551,0205625426

Signature Egg Sandwiches

AII-Nighter Egg Sandwich on Cheesy Hash Brown (Select Locations)[more info]90058160.52801,7806508032
All-Nighter 2-Egg Sandwich on Cheesy Hash Brown[more info]900561904351,9106538435
Bacon Avocado Tomato Thin Egg Sandwich on Plain (Select Locations)[more info]400173.50157704757017
Bacon Avocado Tomato Thin on Plain[more info]440194.50208904747319
Chorizo Sunrise 2-Egg Sandwich on Green Chile[more info]870512004551,5506459440
Chorizo Sunrise Egg Sandwich on Green Chile[more info]79046180.52651,4106458434
Chorizo Sunrise Egg White Sandwich on Green Chile[more info]75041170.5801,4406358434
Farmhouse 2-Egg Sandwich on Cheesy Hash Brown[more info]770381604451,81066310441
Farmhouse Egg Sandwich on Cheesy Hash Brown[more info]69032140.52551,6706539435
Farmhouse Egg Sandwich on Cheesy Hash Brown, Select Loations[more info]680321301801,7406437035
Farmhouse Egg White Sandwich on Cheesy Hash Brown[more info]65027130701,6906539434
Garden Avocado 2-Egg Sandwich on Everything[more info]58025603759806558524
Garden Avocado Egg Sandwich on Everything[more info]50019401908406458518
Garden Avocado Egg Sandwich on Everything, Select Loations[more info]510213.501207706538016
Garden Avocado Egg White Sandwich on Everything[more info]450142.50<58606357518
Santa Fe 2-Egg Sandwich on Asiago[more info]660291204501,4606028437
Santa Fe Egg Sandwich on Asiago[more info]58024110.52601,3205927431
Santa Fe Egg White Sandwich on Asiago[more info]5401990751,3405927431
Santa Fe on Asiago Thin Egg Sandwich (Select Locations)[more info]4201680601,0904206026
Texas Brisket 2-Egg Sandwich on Cheddar Jalapeno[more info]90057180.54551,8305627442
Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich on Cheddar Jalapeno[more info]820511602701,6905526436
Texas Brisket Egg White Sandwich on Cheddar Jalapeno[more info]78047140851,7105426435


Big Breakfast Burrito[more info]1,00059250.53401,9607556043
Big Bro's Burrito (Select Locations)[more info]1,200743303402,4409054050
Chorizo Breakfast Burrito[more info]1,120683004902,4307746049

Lunch Sandwiches

Albuquerque Turkey on Six Cheese (Select Locations)[more info]68030160.51052,28060410040
Avocado Veg Out on Sesame (Select Locations)[more info]410113.50156406739014
Avocado Veg Out on Sesame Bagel[more info]410113.50156306668414
California Turkey Wrap (Select Locations)[more info]6402990601,7306555028
Cheese Pizza Bagel on Plain Bagel[more info]4601380401,0906137425
Cheese Pizza Bagel on Plain Bagel, Select Loations[more info]4501480401,0706257024
Cheesy Veggie Melt on Ciabatta (Select Locations)[more info]61037140701,1605003024
Chicken and Pepperoni on Ciabatta (Select Locations)[more info]680351401251,5505023047
Chicken Salad on Plain Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]5201730658806259031
Ham & Swiss on Plain Bagel[more info]5402050551,69063310427
Ham & Swiss on Plain Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]5602050701,8906359032
Nova Lox & on Plain Bagel[more info]5202080651,2106139424
Nova Lox on Plain Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]5001790501,34064510023
Pepperoni Pizza Bagel on Plain Bagel[more info]56022110601,4206137428
Pepperoni Pizza Bagel on Plain Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]54023110551,4206258028
Spicy Chicken on Ciabatta, (Select Locations)[more info]62027140.51201,5105404042
Tasty Turkey on Asiago Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]5101590751,72064510029
Tasty Turkey on Asiago Bagel Bagel[more info]5101580751,51067410630
Turkey & Cheddar on Plain Bagel[more info]5401950551,5306438628
Turkey & Cheddar on Plain Bagel (Select Locations)[more info]5501950551,84065610028
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado on Ciabatta (Select Locations)[more info]5802850552,0705455026
Turkey, Bacon & Avocado on Plain Bagel[more info]6302750601,72069510730


Sea Salt Potato Chips[more info]150900095170002
Twice Baked Hash Brown[more info]170116035260110007

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast[more info]38091.5006806366411
Avocado Toast (Select Locations)[more info]410132006606276012


Cinnamon Bliss Roll[more info]6103916055760983444211
Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]47023140.54523062238375
Muffin, Blueberry[more info]44025508553048027235
Muffin, Chocolate Chip[more info]53030808554056036336
Pastry, Apple Pie[more info]2501040018038016153
Pastry, Strawberry and Cream Strudel[more info]3401780028042017164

Doggie Bagels

Doggie Bagel[more info]700.5000120140002

Classic Coffee Drinks

Americano, Large[more info]1000003000003
Americano, Medium[more info]500002000002
Americano, Small[more info]500002000002
Cappuccino, Large[more info]1706402516015015014
Cappuccino, Medium[more info]14053.502013013013011
Cappuccino, Small[more info]11042.50151051001009
Chai Tea Latte, Large[more info]28064025140430402511
Chai Tea Latte, Medium[more info]23053.502011535032209
Chai Tea Latte, Small[more info]17042.50159026024147
Iced Chai Tea Latte, Large[more info]25053.502012541037259
Iced Chai Tea Latte, Small[more info]140320107023021145
Iced Latte, Large[more info]14053.502015013013012
Iced Latte, Small[more info]80320109070707
Iced Mocha, Large[more info]39086025200723675314
Iced Mocha, Small[more info]24053.501512044241328
Latte, Large[more info]1706402516015015014
Latte, Medium[more info]14053.502013013013011
Latte, Small[more info]11042.50151051001009
Mocha, Large[more info]42096030210753705316
Mocha, Medium[more info]35085025170613574313
Mocha, Small[more info]27064.5020135462423210

Signature Coffee Drinks

Caramel Macchiato, Large[more info]45085030250790796217
Caramel Macchiato, Medium[more info]37074.5025200640645014
Caramel Macchiato, Small[more info]29054020160490493811
Iced Caramel Macchiato, Large[more info]42074.5025240760766215
Iced Caramel Macchiato, Medium[more info]2604301580460463810

Cold Brew

Caramel Cream Cold Brew, Large[more info]36011703512560055556
Caramel Cream Cold Brew, Small[more info]210740207536033334
Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, Large[more info]3401380359056347475
Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, Small[more info]20074.50205033228283
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew, Large[more info]3101170354548042413
Vanilla Cream Cold Brew, Small[more info]180740202529025252

Cold Brew Frozen Shakes

Caramel Cold Brew Shake, Large[more info]62097020340120011710511
Caramel Cold Brew Shake, Small[more info]3906501522076074667
Caramel Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Large[more info]61097020340120011710511
Caramel Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Small[more info]3906501521076074667
Chocolate Cold Brew Shake, Large[more info]59010802030011731089610
Chocolate Cold Brew Shake, Small[more info]3807601519074269616
Chocolate Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Large[more info]59010802030011631089610
Chocolate Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Small[more info]3807601519075270626
Classic Cold Brew Shake, Large[more info]450119025310740705610
Classic Cold Brew Shake, Small[more info]2807601519046043346
Classic Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Large[more info]44011902531074070569
Classic Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Small[more info]2807601519045043346
Vanilla Cold Brew Shake, Large[more info]54097020250104099878
Vanilla Cold Brew Shake, Small[more info]3506501516065062545
Vanilla Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Large[more info]54097020250104099878
Vanilla Cold Brew Shake Coffee Free, Small[more info]3506501526065062545

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, Large[more info]490128040250823775318
Hot Chocolate, Medium[more info]400107035200673634315
Hot Chocolate, Small[more info]30085025150502463211

Drip Coffee

Vanilla Hazelnut Drip Cofffee, Large[more info]150000000000
Vanilla Hazelnut Drip Cofffee, Medium[more info]100000000000
Vanilla Hazelnut Drip Cofffee, Small[more info]100000000000


Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Large[more info]37000004089580712
Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Small[more info]28000002567460531


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.