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Calories Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Small Slice Base

Build Your Own Pizza-Small (One Slice From 12")

[more info]Cheese Blend - Small10074.50251901007
[more info]Oregano - Small0000000000
[more info]Parmesan, Sprinkle - Small0000000000
[more info]Pizza Crust - Small110000023022105
[more info]Pizza Sauce - Small5000060<10<10

Small Slice Meat

Build Your Own Pizza-Small (One Slice From 12")

[more info]Anchovies - Small5000<51600000
[more info]Bacon - Small302.510101350003
[more info]Chicken - Small10000<5550002
[more info]Ground Beef - Small251.50.5010800002
[more info]Italian Sausage - Small403.51010701002
[more info]Pepperoni - Small40420101400001
[more info]Smoked Ham - Small10000<51000001

Small Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza-Small (One Slice From 12")

[more info]Black Olives - Small101000950000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Small352.51.5010700003
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Small10000002110
[more info]Jalapeños - Small000001050200
[more info]Mushrooms - Small5000001001
[more info]Pineapple - Small5000002010

Medium Slice Base

Build Your Own Pizza-Medium (One Slice From 14")

[more info]Cheese Blend - Medium110850252101007
[more info]Oregano - Medium0000000000
[more info]Parmesan, Sprinkle - Medium0000050000
[more info]Pizza Crust - Medium110000024023105
[more info]Pizza Sauce - Medium5000060<10<10

Medium Slice Meat

Build Your Own Pizza-Medium (One Slice From 14")

[more info]Anchovies - Medium5000<51600000
[more info]Bacon - Medium402.510101600003
[more info]Chicken - Medium10000<5600002
[more info]Ground Beef - Medium251.50.5015800003
[more info]Italian Sausage - Medium453.51010751002
[more info]Pepperoni - Medium454.520101600002
[more info]Smoked Ham - Medium10000<51150002

Medium Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza-Medium (One Slice From 14")

[more info]Bell Peppers - Medium0000001000
[more info]Black Olives - Medium1010001000000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Medium4532010850003
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Medium10000002110
[more info]Jalapeños - Medium000001250000
[more info]Pineapple - Medium5000002010
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Medium0000001000

Large Slice Base

Build Your Own Pizza-Large (One Slice From 16")

[more info]Cheese Blend - Large120960302301008
[more info]Oregano - Large0000000000
[more info]Parmesan, Sprinkle - Large5000050000
[more info]Pizza Crust - Large130000028028206
[more info]Pizza Sauce - Large5000065<10<10

Large Slice Meat

Build Your Own Pizza-Large (One Slice From 16")

[more info]Anchovies - Large5000<51600000
[more info]Bacon - Large40310101800004
[more info]Chicken - Large15000<5650002
[more info]Ground Beef - Large3021015900003
[more info]Italian Sausage - Large4541010801002
[more info]Pepperoni - Large454.520101600002
[more info]Smoked Ham - Large10000<51250002

Large Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza-Large (One Slice From 16")

[more info]Bell Peppers - Large5000001000
[more info]Black Olives - Large1010001051000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Large503.52.5010951003
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Large10000002110
[more info]Jalapeños - Large000001350000
[more info]Mushrooms - Large5000000000
[more info]Pineapple - Large5000002010
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Large5000001000

Slice Base

Build Your Own Slice

[more info]Cheese Blend - Slice18013904535020012
[more info]Oregano - Slice0000000000
[more info]Parmesan, Sprinkle - Slice50000100000
[more info]Pizza Crust - Slice2200000470463010
[more info]Pizza Sauce - Slice1500001803<12<1

Slice Meat

Build Your Own Slice

[more info]Anchovies - Slice15100103800000
[more info]Bacon - Slice10072.50254000008
[more info]Chicken - Slice5020.50252600009
[more info]Ground Beef - Slice603.51.50301800006
[more info]Italian Sausage - Slice90820201601004
[more info]Pepperoni - Slice6062.50152000002
[more info]Smoked Ham - Slice3010.50153201015

Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Slice

[more info]Bell Peppers - Slice5000001010
[more info]Black Olives - Slice101000950000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Slice14011703528020010
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Slice15000003121
[more info]Green Chile - Slice5000001110
[more info]Jalapeños - Slice500004100000
[more info]Mushrooms - Slice5000001001
[more info]Pineapple - Slice5000002010
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Slice5000001010

10" Gourmet Slice

[more info]A Slice From 10" Duke City1404.5302038014<1010
[more info]A Slice From 10" Kansas City14042.501537015<1110
[more info]A Slice From 10" Margherita1103.51.501023011<106
[more info]A Slice From 10" Napoli19094.502553016<1011
[more info]A Slice From 10" Santorini12032.501032014<108
[more info]A Slice From 10" Tuscany17072.5010330184310

14" Gourmet Slice

[more info]A Slice From 14" Duke City19085035550162114
[more info]A Slice From 14" Kansas City1907402553017<1114
[more info]A Slice From 14" Margherita18010503038012<1011
[more info]A Slice From 14" Napoli26014703575018<1213
[more info]A Slice From 14" Santorini1506301545016<109
[more info]A Slice From 14" Tuscany240124.5015470246312

6" Sub

[more info]6" Ham & Swiss51025100951,760404631
[more info]6" Italian (Ham, Pepperoni & Genoa Salami)760491801302,660415734
[more info]6" Meatball & Provolone51022120601,7604210142
[more info]6" Pastrami & Provolone67043160951,610394530
[more info]6" Roast Beef & Provolone5202490851,070384438
[more info]6" Tuna4802590701,390424723
[more info]6" Turkey & Swiss5102480851,780404634
[more info]6" Veggie (Green Chile & Cheddar)4702680401,120446716

10" Sub

[more info]10" Ham & Swiss990491801703,220817959
[more info]10" Italian (Ham, Pepperoni & Genoa Salami)1,360873102204,52084101162
[more info]10" Meatball & Provolone1,040442401153,6108720385
[more info]10" Pastrami & Provolone1,270792901703,040807858
[more info]10" Roast Beef & Provolone1,020471701552,100787671
[more info]10" Tuna970491701352,8008681249
[more info]10" Turkey & Swiss990461501553,250817965
[more info]10" Veggie (Green Chile & Cheddar)92050160802,15089131035

Sub Side

[more info]Chips3202030032030224
[more info]Fruit Cup90000020222182
[more info]Koolsla330213010180365303
[more info]Pepperoncini Peppers500001051000
[more info]Pickle500002501110

Half Salad

[more info]Half Chef Salad2701470110870172620
[more info]Half Chicken Caesar Salad1504.50.5030530121316
[more info]Half Crunchy Spinach Salad3101450203602951117
[more info]Half Gourmet Chicken Salad220153.504550082518
[more info]Half Greek Salad19093.5015770203610
[more info]Half Ranch Salad310199050770172618
[more info]Half Tossed Salad90200018015254
[more info]Half Turkey Salad240105040920172619

Full Salad

[more info]Full Chef Salad530271401801,5603461034
[more info]Full Chicken Caesar Salad27081045870266524
[more info]Full Crunchy Spinach Salad58026110407405562333
[more info]Full Gourmet Chicken Salad410288070840175928
[more info]Full Greek Salad3801770301,4403971118
[more info]Full Ranch Salad59035170851,4503461031
[more info]Full Tossed Salad190400037031696
[more info]Full Turkey Salad47020100701,7003461034


[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing - One Container3103180454702025
[more info]Caesar Dressing - One Container3603960251801001
[more info]Greek Dressing - One Container280314.50205301000
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing - One Container190194.50153404131
[more info]Ranch Dressing - One Container2702940256902021
[more info]Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing - One Container290294.5007009070
[more info]Reduced Fat Ranch Dressing - One Container110101.5008205021
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing - One Container320314030440110100


[more info]Fudge Brownie46014800340763595
[more info]Walnut Brownie500294.5015260534379


[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie4502012055210680434
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Cookie4401710070260662347
[more info]White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie4002010055210501295


[more info]Cheese Toast - One Piece250139035300211011
[more info]Fruit Cup90000020222182
[more info]Garlic Toast - One Piece14063.50155020104
[more info]Koolsla330213010180365303


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.