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Calories Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Small Slice Base

Build Your Own Pizza-Small (One Slice From 12")

[more info]Cheese Pizza - Small21174020436261110

Small Slice Meat

Build Your Own Pizza-Small (One Slice From 12")

[more info]Anchovies - Small700031790001
[more info]Bacon - Small3121091300003
[more info]Chicken - Small150006720003
[more info]Ground Beef - Small343108960002
[more info]Italian Sausage - Small3631081081002
[more info]Pepperoni - Small41420101400001
[more info]Smoked Ham - Small900051000001

Small Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza-Small (One Slice From 12")

[more info]Bell Peppers - Small2000000000
[more info]Black Olives - Small121000931000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Small363208690003
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Small8000022110
[more info]Green Chile - Small6000041010
[more info]Jalapeños - Small10000170000
[more info]Mushrooms - Small2000010000
[more info]Pineapple - Small9000002020
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Small1000000000

Medium Slice Base

Build Your Own Pizza-Medium (One Slice From 14")

[more info]Cheese Pizza - Medium22685023464271111

Medium Slice Meat

Build Your Own Pizza-Medium (One Slice From 14")

[more info]Anchovies - Medium700031860001
[more info]Bacon - Medium37310101560003
[more info]Chicken - Medium160007810003
[more info]Ground Beef - Medium353108990002
[more info]Italian Sausage - Medium3831081111002
[more info]Pepperoni - Medium44420111500002
[more info]Smoked Ham - Medium1100051120002

Medium Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza-Medium (One Slice From 14")

[more info]Bell Peppers - Medium2000001000
[more info]Black Olives - Medium131000991000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Medium4332010820003
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Medium8000022110
[more info]Green Chile - Medium6000041010
[more info]Jalapeños - Medium10000210000
[more info]Mushrooms - Medium2000010000
[more info]Pineapple - Medium9000002020
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Medium2000001000

Large Slice Base

Build Your Own Pizza-Large (One Slice From 16")

[more info]Cheese Pizza - Large26896026543321113

Large Slice Meat

Build Your Own Pizza-Large (One Slice From 16")

[more info]Anchovies - Large700031910001
[more info]Bacon - Large41310111730003
[more info]Chicken - Large181008860003
[more info]Ground Beef - Large3931091100002
[more info]Italian Sausage - Large4231091231002
[more info]Pepperoni - Large45420111560002
[more info]Smoked Ham - Large1100061200002

Large Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza-Large (One Slice From 16")

[more info]Bell Peppers - Large3000001000
[more info]Black Olives - Large1410001031000
[more info]Extra Cheese - Large4742011910003
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Large8000022110
[more info]Green Chile - Large6000041010
[more info]Jalapeños - Large10000230000
[more info]Mushrooms - Large3000010000
[more info]Pineapple - Large9000002020
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Large3000001000

Slice Base

Build Your Own Slice

[more info]Dion's Cheese Pizza - Slice439159042879542221

Slice Meat

Build Your Own Slice

[more info]Anchovies - Slice1610064300002
[more info]Bacon - Slice93720263900008
[more info]Chicken - Slice702103034510013
[more info]Ground Beef - Slice78730172190005
[more info]Italian Sausage - Slice83720182473004
[more info]Pepperoni - Slice60630152040002
[more info]Smoked Ham - Slice30110153201005

Slice Toppings

Build Your Own Slice

[more info]Bell Peppers - Slice4000011010
[more info]Black Olives - Slice3330002472100
[more info]Extra Cheese - Slice14211703427410010
[more info]Fresh Tomatoes - Slice8000022110
[more info]Green Chile - Slice11000073011
[more info]Jalapeños - Slice700001691100
[more info]Mushrooms - Slice5000011001
[more info]Pineapple - Slice26000007160
[more info]Sliced Red Onion - Slice6000011010

10" Gourmet Slice

[more info]A Slice From 10" Duke City1415.53021361.514.50.50.58
[more info]A Slice From 10" Kansas City14352.502039014.50.519.5
[more info]A Slice From 10" Margherita1134.42.5012.8239.411.
[more info]A Slice From 10" Napoli184.59.34.5023.8538.315.30.518.8
[more info]A Slice From 10" Santorini116.542.3012.531213.
[more info]A Slice From 10" Tuscany168.583012486.

14" Gourmet Slice

[more info]A Slice From 14" Duke City22695.5034578.52311.513.5
[more info]A Slice From 14" Kansas City22885031624.5230.5216
[more info]A Slice From 14" Margherita172.47.84.4020.3369.
[more info]A Slice From 14" Napoli278147.5035811.5251214
[more info]A Slice From 14" Santorini186.574019.3498.922.
[more info]A Slice From 14" Tuscany261.412.95018.5753.324.71.43.412.8

6" Sub

[more info]6" Ham & Swiss5802490841,960592433
[more info]6" Italian (Ham, Pepperoni & Genoa Salami)82849.318.10120.33,09460.645.535.1
[more info]6" Meatball & Provolone760402001031,934554344
[more info]6" Pastrami & Provolone70038140481,839572432
[more info]6" Roast Beef & Provolone5982590811,281562439
[more info]6" Turkey & Swiss5742280731,902592534
[more info]6" Veggie (Green Chile & Cheddar)5592690351,285644818

10" Sub

[more info]10" Ham & Swiss1,070451601523,4871044759
[more info]10" Italian (Ham, Pepperoni & Genoa Salami)1,4488529.501965,051.3110.87.98.460
[more info]10" Meatball & Provolone1,437804002043,733819697
[more info]10" Pastrami & Provolone1,27468250893,3361014660
[more info]10" Roast Beef & Provolone1,099461601462,379994671
[more info]10" Turkey & Swiss1,060431401333,3871054962
[more info]10" Veggie (Green Chile & Cheddar)1,03550160702,35111391135

Sub Side

[more info]Chips3202050036028204
[more info]Fruit Cup91.70.50.10022.3232.119.61.5
[more info]Koolsla333213010181365303
[more info]Pickle300003161000

Half Salad

[more info]Half Chef Salad260.412.27.1099.1717.516.22.112.617.1
[more info]Half Chicken Caesar Salad22494051833112324
[more info]Half Gourmet Chicken Salad26817605765892523
[more info]Half Greek Salad20812602678717467
[more info]Half Ranch Salad289189031733163517
[more info]Half Tossed Salad89210114014353
[more info]Half Turkey Salad232116039843163517

Full Salad

[more info]Full Chef Salad505.926.91502141,477.832.76934.9
[more info]Full Chicken Caesar Salad39715.87.90801,429.725.66.34.340.8
[more info]Full Gourmet Chicken Salad49133110931,08714.74.37.337
[more info]Full Greek Salad38321100501,4173681014
[more info]Full Ranch Salad53331160561,359326833
[more info]Full Tossed Salad167310028730686
[more info]Full Turkey Salad43720110691,542336933


[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing - One Container330337.50455103036
[more info]Caesar Dressing - One Container3804270301900002
[more info]Greek Dressing - One Container3003450205600000
[more info]Low Fat Ranch Dressing - One Container12010.51.5008706030
[more info]Ranch Dressing - One Container300304.50307203033
[more info]Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing - One Container3203050074010080
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing - One Container330334.503048012090


[more info]Brownie499.831.940.42219152.54.133.48
[more info]Fudge Brownie46014800340763595


[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie436.320.812.50.460.8223.961.
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Cookie440.917.610.20.575.7277.
[more info]Valentine Cookie70.
[more info]White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie3902010.40.461.2228.449.


[more info]Cheese Toast - Large1,488523101303,1231847574
[more info]Cheese Toast - Small372138032781462118
[more info]Fruit Cup91.70.50.10022.3232.119.61.5
[more info]Garlic Toast - Large1,09022120522,1301817445
[more info]Garlic Toast - Small272.65.43012.953245.421.711.1
[more info]Koolsla333213010181365303


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.