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Signature Cupcakes

[more info]Apple Cobbler470
[more info]Apple Pie550
[more info]Artie Lange500
[more info]B & W460
[more info]Baba Booey530
[more info]Banana Crunch650
[more info]Banana Split530
[more info]Berry Berry660
[more info]Black Forest500
[more info]Blackout450
[more info]Blueberry Cobbler480
[more info]Blueberry Swirl480
[more info]Boston Cream490
[more info]Brownie540
[more info]Bryant Park540
[more info]Butter Pecan550
[more info]Candy560
[more info]Cappuccino520
[more info]Caramel Apple480
[more info]Caramel Chew500
[more info]Carrot600
[more info]Cherry Cobbler480
[more info]Choc Covered Strawberry400
[more info]Choc/Choc Frosted530
[more info]Choc/Choc Frosted, Sprinkles530
[more info]Choc/Coconut540
[more info]Chock Full o Chips540
[more info]Chocolate Chip530
[more info]Chocolate Malted600
[more info]Chocolate Pecan Pie540
[more info]Chocolate Praline540
[more info]Chocolate Snowball400
[more info]Coffee Toffee550
[more info]Cookie Dough540
[more info]Cookies & Cream530
[more info]Cosmo520
[more info]Cotton Candy530
[more info]Creamsicle520
[more info]Devil's Food550
[more info]Elvis550
[more info]Fluffernutter570
[more info]German Chocolate510
[more info]Good Guy530
[more info]Grasshopper530
[more info]Half Baked590
[more info]Jolt510
[more info]Key Lime540
[more info]Lemon Meringue320
[more info]Lolly Lacrumb380
[more info]Madison Avenue500
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin600
[more info]PB & J580
[more info]Peach Cobbler480
[more info]Peaches n' Cream480
[more info]Peanut Butter Cup550
[more info]Piña Colada550
[more info]Pink Lemonade610
[more info]Pistachio530
[more info]Pumpkin560
[more info]Raspberry Chocolate Curl550
[more info]Raspberry Swirl500
[more info]Red Velvet500
[more info]Rocky Road550
[more info]S'Mores490
[more info]Snocap590
[more info]Squiggle480
[more info]Strawberry Banana550
[more info]Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler480
[more info]Thin Mint520
[more info]Tiramisu530
[more info]Toasted Coconut540
[more info]Toffee530
[more info]Tony Hawk Skatecake610
[more info]Twinkie570
[more info]Watermelon5
[more info]White Hot Chocolate550

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