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Traditional Tastes Pizza

[more info]Alfredo Pizza16052.501022022116
[more info]Beef Pizza19073.501534024129
[more info]Cheese Pizza1904.52.501019012114
[more info]Meat Eater Pizza20094020500241211
[more info]Pepperoni & Beef Pizza220104.5020450241310
[more info]Pepperoni & Jalapeno Pizza20073.501555024128
[more info]Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza21094020470241210
[more info]Pepperoni Pizza20073.501535023128
[more info]Sausage Pizza1807301537024129
[more info]Spinach Alfredo Pizza16052.501022022116
[more info]Supreme Pizza200104020500261311
[more info]Veggie Pizza180630<524023126

Adventurous Tastes Pizza

[more info]BBQ Pork Pizza2007301532027158
[more info]Buffalo Chicken Pizza1907301545023118
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pizza1907301531023118
[more info]Hawaiian Pizza17052.501533024138
[more info]Honey BBQ Chicken Pizza2006301533027169
[more info]Mac & Cheese Pizza1904.5201044030138
[more info]Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza1806201025022127
[more info]Zesty Pepperoni Pizza18072.501032022117
[more info]Zesty Veggie Pizza16052.501025024137

Flatbread Pizza

[more info]Chicken Bacon Club Flatbread Pizza1507301527014117
[more info]Honey BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza1404.5201021018156
[more info]Spinach Alfredo Flatbread Pizza14073.50.51520014115

Deep Dish Pizza

[more info]Deep Dish Pizza17062.501037021117


[more info]BBQ Wings260123.501109701621319
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Wings270186011598050019
[more info]Hot Buffalo Wings210133.501101,81040119
[more info]Mild Buffalo Wings220143.501101,54030119


[more info]Garlic Cheesy Bread140210<5809002
[more info]Pasta with Alfredo Sauce3201231<51,040532410
[more info]Pasta with Marinara Sauce30040.500960563510
[more info]Soup902.50.501086013125


[more info]Apple Dessert Pizza13030.50.506523192
[more info]Bavarian Dessert Pizza13030.50.508023182
[more info]Brownies1406100150211122
[more info]Cinnamon Rolls1301.50006520082

Stuffed Crust Pizza

[more info]Stuffed Crust Pizza2008401539021119


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.