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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Arnold Palmer - Mango900000020241181
[more info]Arnold Palmer - Regular600000025180160
[more info]Arnold Palmer - Strawberry1100000020281250
[more info]Iced Tea - Blackberry800000010200190
[more info]Iced Tea - Mango800000010200180
[more info]Kids - Apple Juice900000010220210
[more info]Kids - Chocolate Milk26060640303104114011
[more info]Kids - Cranberry Juice900000025210200
[more info]Kids - Milk15050640251401501510
[more info]Kids - Orange Juice800000010200181
[more info]Kids Frozen Lemonade - Blueberry260000000670630
[more info]Kids Frozen Lemonade - Regular280000000730690
[more info]Kids Frozen Lemonade - Strawberry250000000650590
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade2000000065550520
[more info]Seasonal Watermelon Lemonade2500000055670640
[more info]Soda - Coca Cola1900000065530530
[more info]Soda - Coca Cola Zero000000800000
[more info]Soda - Diet Coke000000600000
[more info]Soda - Dr. Pepper2000000070540540
[more info]Soda - IBC Rootbeer Bottle1700000060440440
[more info]Soda - Sprite2000000090520520
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade1600000040431390


[more info]Cajun Pasta with Grilled Chicken1,290550612801954,6801158872
[more info]Cajun Pasta with Seared Shrimp1,180520582802304,5501127753
[more info]Chicken Crispers Crispy Style w/o Sauce1,14046051901053,60012381555
[more info]Chicken Crispers Honey Chipotle Style1,590620691201254,96019396557
[more info]Chicken Crispers Original Style1,400660741201304,36013282458


[more info]Avocado Slices8070710004301
[more info]Cheese, American705063.50153401004
[more info]Cheese, Cheddar8060740201300005
[more info]Cheese, Provolone10070750202501007
[more info]Cheese, Swiss805064020401006
[more info]Dressing, Ancho Chile Ranch1701501730153503021
[more info]Dressing, Avocado Ranch140130142.50102603111
[more info]Dressing, Bleu Cheese2702602950152801011
[more info]Dressing, Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette250230253.5002406050
[more info]Dressing, Honey Lime Vinaigrette130110122002205040
[more info]Dressing, Honey Mustard200160182.502036010091
[more info]Dressing, Ranch1701601830153002021
[more info]Dressing, Santa Fe200190213.50155303020
[more info]Dressing, Thousand Island2001802030203907050
[more info]Fresh Guacamole - Large Side250200233.500630151123
[more info]Fresh Guacamole - Small Side130100111.5003207512
[more info]Gravy, Black Pepper251010002403001
[more info]Honey Chipotle Sauce14000000530340250
[more info]Original BBQ Sauce6000000510130111
[more info]Rice & Black Beans2502020001,23048629
[more info]Sour Cream606063.5020702011


[more info]California Grilled Chicken Flatbread1,45086096410.52202,570748777
[more info]Chipotle Chicken Flatbread1,320730814102202,720735779
[more info]Margherita Flatbread1,4009201024111652,560725852

For the Table

[more info]Boneless Buffalo Wings1,090650731301203,690595249
[more info]Bottomless Tostada Chips910410467001,6301137413
[more info]Classic Nachos - Beef - Large1,5909301035113704,3606089109
[more info]Classic Nachos - Chicken - Large1,420790884503403,830618999
[more info]Classic Nachos - Large1,200740834402152,910608957
[more info]Crispy Cheddar Bites1,3501,0701194702002,070231447
[more info]Fried Pickles6704505080153,50046668
[more info]Skillet Queso1,580860963501354,210136101545
[more info]Smoked Wings55028031902901,9401411255
[more info]Southwestern Eggrolls80036041100502,180829928
[more info]Spiced Panko Onion Rings9605105790151,7709951315
[more info]Tableside Guacamole1,4908809715003,13014733820
[more info]Texas Cheese Fries - Full Order1,7101,0701194902554,950856474
[more info]Texas Cheese Fries - Half Order1,240800893701853,280584352
[more info]White Spinach Queso1,540870973301203,62012712941
[more info]Wings over Buffalo850580651402902,55061262

Fresh Mex - Bowls

[more info]Chipotle Chicken Bowl880340381201752,640815658
[more info]Chipotle Pork Carnitas Bowl950420471601602,430835853
[more info]Chipotle Seared Shrimp Bowl790320351202403,340867836
[more info]Chipotle Steak Bowl97048054211.5702,280815645
[more info]Margarita Chicken Bowl870220254.501303,770108111456
[more info]Margarita Pork Carnitas Bowl93030034801153,560109111751
[more info]Margarita Shrimp Bowl77020022401954,470112121734
[more info]Margarita Steak Bowl95036040131.5253,420107111443

Fresh Mex - Enchiladas

[more info]Beef Enchiladas1,160470521811204,000116171158
[more info]Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas1,040350391301604,350112151263
[more info]Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas1,140450502102004,090111131063

Fresh Mex - Fajitas

[more info]Fajita Corn Tortillas (3 each)180202.500010037314
[more info]Fajita Flour Tortillas (3 each)26080940064039216
[more info]Fajita Grilled Chicken (Choose 2 or 3)110303106548010020
[more info]Fajita Grilled Steak (Choose 2 or 3)20013014711540000018
[more info]Fajita Peppers & Onions300200225001,37024494
[more info]Fajita Pork Carnitas (Choose 2 or 3)19090103.507550020224
[more info]Fajita Seared Shrimp (Choose 2 or 3)802020.501251,10041212
[more info]Fajita Toppings21015017100551,4008239

Fresh Mex - Quesadillas

[more info]Bacon Ranch Beef Quesadilla1,8001,210135460.52803,9806851080
[more info]Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla1,6901,1301254202603,6406951074
[more info]Smoked Chicken Quesadillas1,7201,1801324212403,090716866

Fresh Mex - Top Shelf Tacos

[more info]Grilled Fish Tacos1,070430471401053,400112121653
[more info]Grilled Fish Tacos (1)270140154.5035720212515
[more info]Pork Carnitas Tacos1,250540602102053,5209911979
[more info]Pork Carnitas Tacos (1)330170197065760172323
[more info]Ranchero Chicken Tacos1,080410451501704,49010413968
[more info]Ranchero Chicken Tacos (1)2801301450551,080182220
[more info]Spicy Shrimp Tacos1,040440491402254,130117121939
[more info]Spicy Shrimp Tacos (1)270140164.5075960232610

Fresh Mex Pairings - Choose 2 or 3 Items

[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Beef Enchilada (1)300150176040920224316
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Beef Soft Taco (1)2901301560401,220224418
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Beef Tostada (1)3601701970501,430297520
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Chicken Green Chile Chicken Enchilada (1)2601101240551,040213318
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Chicken Quesadilla (1)690430482001151,470343433
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Chicken Soft Taco (1)2601001150601,440203320
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Chicken Tostada (1)3301401660651,650276422
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - House Salad No Dressing702531.50<51159224
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Rice & Black Beans2502020001,23048629
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Soup Chicken Enchilada (Cup)220120144.5035830131211
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Soup Loaded Baked Potato (Cup)260160171105593013129
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing - Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada (1)290140167065950202218
[more info]Fresh Mex Pairing- Soup Southwest Chicken (Cup)110455101066013114

Fresh Tex - Baby Back Ribs

[more info]Craft Beer BBQ Ribs - Full Rack1,380660742603102,94094112284
[more info]Craft Beer BBQ Ribs - Half Rack860410451401552,0607051043
[more info]Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs - Full Rack1,360660742603102,72096102983
[more info]Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs - Half Rack850400451401551,9507151443
[more info]Original BBQ Ribs - Full Rack1,360660742603103,33092102484
[more info]Original BBQ Ribs - Half Rack850410451401552,2506851143

Fresh Tex Lighter Choices

[more info]6 oz Sirloin with Grilled Avocado4101802050651,730216739
[more info]Ancho Salmon60024027501001,940434448
[more info]Grilled Chicken Salad43020022601051,0802351139
[more info]Mango-Chile Chicken520150173.50952,1805771438
[more info]Mango-Chile Tilapia5201701840701,5805671438
[more info]Margarita Grilled Chicken580120132.501302,430667651

Hand-Crafted Burgers

[more info]Beef Patty - Make It Your Own Burger4302903214212584010032
[more info]Big Mouth Bites1,560750832521704,52014471763
[more info]Black Bean Patty - Make It Your Own Burger190607100540228217
[more info]Classic Bacon Burger1,34072080272.51703,59010361056
[more info]Double Thin Beef Patties - Make It Your Own Burger36024026111.51001,57010029
[more info]Guacamole Burger1,300680752721603,40010791052
[more info]Oldtimer with Cheddar Cheese1,18058065232.51453,2801016949
[more info]Southern Smokehouse Burger1,55081090271.51804,13012382162
[more info]Sweet & Smoky Burger1,480740832821604,02013272456
[more info]Turkey Patty - Make It Your Own Burger21080920851,11000033


[more info]Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich1,580740821901753,950138101073
[more info]Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich1,240520581001104,4101318948
[more info]California Turkey Club Toasted Sandwich1,520740832001253,500141121559
[more info]Classic Turkey Toasted Sandwich1,350620691801103,41013381354
[more info]Grilled Chicken Sandwich1,090470521301352,98010651553

Kids Entrees

[more info]Kids - Burger Bites400160187155810421721
[more info]Kids - Cheese Quesadilla4502602913050710292117
[more info]Kids - Cheeseburger Bites440190219165980421723
[more info]Kids - Corn Dog23010011302040025186
[more info]Kids - Crispy Chicken Crispers3401501630651,080212027
[more info]Kids - Grilled Cheese Sandwich43023026110351,080351512
[more info]Kids - Grilled Chicken Bites3407082065860421726
[more info]Kids - Grilled Chicken Platter160354109069010031
[more info]Kids - Kraft Macaroni & Cheese440110133.50208206431116
[more info]Kids - Little Chicken Crispers370170193.50701,320212028
[more info]Kids - Pizza - Cheese - 6 "5902302611040980652722
[more info]Kids - Pizza - Pepperoni - 6 "67030034140651,160652726

Kids Sides

[more info]Kids - Side Celery Sticks w/o Dressing500000351110
[more info]Kids - Side Citrus-Chile Rice130101.500052028002
[more info]Kids - Side Corn Kernels120101.500015272124
[more info]Kids - Side Corn on the Cob140151.500020342155
[more info]Kids - Side Fresh Pineapple60000000162121
[more info]Kids - Side Homestyle Fries1908081.50071027203
[more info]Kids - Side Mandarin Oranges800000015192191
[more info]Kids - Side Mashed Potatoes - w/o Gravy1407081.50037016202
[more info]Kids - Side Salad w/o Dressing602531.50<51107113
[more info]Kids - Side Steamed Broccoli - plain4050000458423

Lunch Combos (Add Soup or Salad)

[more info]Lunch Combo - Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich78036041100901,970695536
[more info]Lunch Combo - Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla1,090690762201252,630614539
[more info]Lunch Combo - Big Mouth Bites78037041131852,180723931
[more info]Lunch Combo - California Turkey Club Toasted Sandwich76037041100601,750706830
[more info]Lunch Combo - Classic Turkey Toasted Sandwich70033036100601,770674729
[more info]Lunch Combo - Double Burger950490552221353,520724845
[more info]Lunch Combo - Fresh Mex Chipotle Chicken Bowl760300331101102,160805538
[more info]Lunch Combo - Fresh Mex Margarita Chicken Bowl740180203.50653,290106101436
[more info]Lunch Combo - Grilled Chicken Fajitas810400441801452,740605948
[more info]Lunch Combo - Half California Grilled Chicken Flatbread720430482101101,290374339
[more info]Lunch Combo - Half Chipotle Chicken Flatbread - Half660370412101101,360373340
[more info]Lunch Combo - Half Margherita Flatbread71047052210801,280363426
[more info]Lunch Combo - Pork Carnitas Fajitas940500552201652,8006151153
[more info]Lunch Combo - Pork Carnitas Tacos860430471501352,240615549
[more info]Lunch Combo - Ranchero Chicken Tacos750330371201152,880646542
[more info]Lunch Combo - Smoked Chicken Quesadilla1,16078087240.51302,390614435
[more info]Lunch Combo - Southwestern BLT Toasted Sandwich6603303780301,490674616

Make it a Combo

[more info]Make it a Combo - 10 oz Classic Sirloin4402102480.51001,33020056
[more info]Make it a Combo - 6 oz Classic Sirloin30016018606573010034
[more info]Make it a Combo - Ancho Salmon420230254.501001,16071242
[more info]Make it a Combo - Half Rack of Craft Beer BBQ Ribs480250281101556301621038
[more info]Make it a Combo - Half Rack of Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs460250281101555201721438
[more info]Make it a Combo - Half Rack of Original BBQ Ribs460250281101558301521138
[more info]Make it a Combo - Margarita Grilled Chicken190354109089080531
[more info]Make it a Combo - Seared Shrimp802020.501251,10041212


[more info]Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad1,040650721501403,470496851
[more info]Caribbean Salad w/ Grilled Chicken720250284.501101,1708696936
[more info]Caribbean Salad w/ Seared Shrimp620250274.501452,0908286616
[more info]Lunch Combo Fresco Salad704551001254112
[more info]Lunch Combo House Salad No Dressing702531.50<51109224
[more info]Quesadilla Explosion Salad1,430860962801752,60083101864
[more info]Santa Fe Chicken Salad69043048901201,720318839
[more info]Side Freso Salad13090102.50<52508134
[more info]Side House Salad No Dressing1505062.501523018347


[more info]Black Beans11050.500071020627
[more info]Loaded Mashed Potatoes3802102370301,020324211
[more info]Side Citrus-Chile Rice130101.500052028002
[more info]Side Garlic Roasted Tomatoes6050.500062012342
[more info]Side Homestyle Fries390150173001,42053305
[more info]Side Seared Shrimp - Full Order802020.501251,10041212
[more info]Side Seared Shrimp - Half Order4010100655502016
[more info]Side Skillet Jalapeno Cornbread6902402790651,6509333219
[more info]Side Skillet Mashed Potatoes400230269030890314111
[more info]Side Spiced Panko Onion Rings4001801930074048367
[more info]Side Spinach & Garlic Roasted Tomatoes45500004609323
[more info]Side Steamed Broccoli40500002508423
[more info]Southwestern Mac 'N' Cheese49027030140.5551,450382919
[more info]Sweet Corn on the Cob190607100380342155

Soups & Chili

[more info]Chicken Enchilada - Bowl4402502890701,660253322
[more info]Chicken Enchilada - Cup220130144.5035830131211
[more info]Loaded Baked Potato - Bowl520320352101151,860262419
[more info]Loaded Baked Potato - Cup260160181105593013129
[more info]Southwest Chicken - Bowl230901020201,36025339
[more info]Southwest Chicken - Cup110455101068013114
[more info]Terlingua Chili - Bowl4002502880651,060140323
[more info]Terlingua Chili - Cup20013014403053070212


[more info]10 oz Classic Sirloin880450501711302,470418370
[more info]6 oz Classic Sirloin73039044140.5951,870418348
[more info]Classic Ribeye1,16069077324.51802,750418383
[more info]Country-Fried Steak1,25060067141.5753,330118101952

Sweet Stuff

[more info]Cheesecake75043047271.52355006925712
[more info]Cinnamon Skillet Rolls98028032802073015953315
[more info]Cinnamon Skillet Rolls with Ice Cream1,17037041130.55582018154819
[more info]Molten Chocolate Cake1,180550623211451,100150510713
[more info]Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie1,20047052300.5115990174510616
[more info]Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie1,24056062341.5230920164812117

Triple Dipper - Choose 3 Items

[more info]TD Big Mouth Bites770470521511051,8604721032
[more info]TD Boneless Buffalo Wings6404404980651,910282223
[more info]TD Boneless Honey-Chipotle Wings7103303660651,8007323523
[more info]TD Crispy Cheddar Bites760610682501101,210131324
[more info]TD Fried Pickles4203003460151,90024345
[more info]TD Original Chicken Crispers5703403760851,670312929
[more info]TD Southwestern Eggrolls5802803280351,540556619
[more info]TD Spiced Panko Onion Rings9605105790151,7709951315

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