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[more info]Buffalo Chicken Tenders without Sauces6501738282
[more info]Calamari Fritti1,0806957552
[more info]Cantina Chicken Quesadilla1,8201091191187
[more info]Champps Famous Wings without Sauce1,4601202188
[more info]Chicken Bacon Spinach Flatbread1,0205571558
[more info]Chips & Queso1,590981451145
[more info]Deviled Eggs with Applewood-Smoked Bacon510446222
[more info]Deviled Eggs with Pulled Pork600476137
[more info]Farmhouse Chicken Tenders without Sauces6501738282
[more info]Greek Hummus750291051530
[more info]Margherita Flatbread7603870532
[more info]Marinara Mozzarella Sticks8204667726
[more info]Mega Pretzel98014174924
[more info]Mile High Nachos with Chicken3,25019825222127
[more info]Mile High Nachos with Chili3,37021025423125
[more info]Sampler Platter without Dipping Sauce2,0701221088129
[more info]Seared Ahi Tuna4301440433
[more info]Spinach Artichoke Dip1,050511301118
[more info]Spud Skins1,3309588931


[more info]Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing12012500
[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing27028102
[more info]Caesar Dressing38040202
[more info]Chipotle Ranch Dressing210221500
[more info]Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing460412400
[more info]Creamy Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing16017000
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing300271500
[more info]Light Italian Dressing454.5100
[more info]Ranch Dressing210221501
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing34036311

House-Made Desserts

[more info]Chocolate Whiskey Cake1,46071181520
[more info]Mega Ice-Cream Cookie1,41067195323
[more info]Mile-High Ice Cream Pie1,950115210523

The Salads

[more info]The BBQ Chopped Salad86056541343
[more info]The Big Green Salad without Dressing5003537614
[more info]The Chicken Caesar Salad8806634539
[more info]The Cobb Salad7805416761
[more info]The Cranberry Apple Spinach Salad1,0406359765
[more info]The Harvest Chopped Salad1,18084521060
[more info]The Wedge Salad4403711317

The Mains

[more info]8 oz Champps Top Sirloin590360061
[more info]12 oz Grilled NY Strip and Shrimp770520069
[more info]16 oz Bone-In Ribeye760342165
[more info]Beer-Battered Fish & Chips1,0705399543
[more info]Blackened Chicken Alfredo1,5809998773
[more info]Bourbon Salmon4802511049
[more info]Champps Baby Back Ribs, Full Rack1,69011874486
[more info]Champps Baby Back Ribs, Half Rack9706361344
[more info]Creole Jambalaya1,0305569567
[more info]Farmhouse Chicken Tender Dinner6501738282
[more info]Rosemary's Grilled Chicken1,51012027688
[more info]Seaside Shrimp & Pasta1,1205395739
[more info]Sicilian Turkey Sausage Farfalle1,1106292844
[more info]Tuscan Salmon65032381152
[more info]Vodka Farfalle1,3407397649

The Handhelds

[more info]4-Hour BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich9605163260
[more info]BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos1,33062141951
[more info]Bourbon Bacon BBQ Chicken Sandwich9304067273
[more info]Buffalo Bleu Chicken Sandwich6902746162
[more info]French Dip7202238186
[more info]Fresco Chicken Tacos6402964858
[more info]Fresco Steak Tacos83038691249
[more info]Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwich1,1208053249
[more info]Homestyle Chicken Wrap9004551369
[more info]Pepper Seared Ahi Tacos6304160632
[more info]Picnic Chicken Salad Sandwich8104098512
[more info]The Champps Club Sandwich6602943360
[more info]Turkey Avocado Wrap8004553645

Hand-Crafted Burgers

[more info]Bleu Ribbon Burger1,2408448169
[more info]Carolina Burger1,0206161353
[more info]Champps Cheeseburger1,0306747156
[more info]Chipotle BBQ Burger1,3109047173
[more info]South of the Border Burger1,0807051259
[more info]Turkey Fresca Burger9006052238


[more info]Broccoli13091155
[more info]Coleslaw170131633
[more info]Fries500304955
[more info]House-Made Garlic Mashed Potatoes470293244
[more info]Jasmine Rice1700381<1
[more info]Kettle Chips300192833
[more info]Onion Rings8504890413
[more info]Pasta Salad340183627
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries570414833
[more info]Waffle Fries360223833

House-Made Soups & More

[more info]Champps Chili4302914330
[more info]French Onion Soup3001720114
[more info]Fully Loaded Potato Soup250182015
[more info]Rustic Chicken Noodle Soup280729324
[more info]Side Caesar Salad290231526
[more info]Side Garden Salad180121833

Lunch Items

[more info]Blackened Chicken Alfredo, Lunch9806953440
[more info]Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, Lunch8405846238
[more info]Picnic Chicken Salad, Lunch7003769520
[more info]Seaside Shrimp & Pasta, Lunch7404261632
[more info]Sicilian Turkey Sausage Farfalle, Lunch6903857527
[more info]The BBQ Chopped Salad, Lunch6404143928
[more info]The Chicken Caesar Salad, Lunch7105825423
[more info]The Cobb Salad, Lunch470339435
[more info]The Cranberry Apple Spinach Salad, Lunch6303835439
[more info]The Harvest Chopped Salad, Lunch5904226530
[more info]Vodka Farfalle, Lunch8304560430

Wing Sauces

[more info]Caribbean Jerk Wing Sauce1203.5240<1
[more info]Chipotle BBQ Wing Sauce140183101
[more info]Clasic Buffalo Wing Sauce16017201
[more info]Flamin' Hot Wing Sauce707412
[more info]Honey Sriracha Wing Sauce11051701
[more info]Hot Honey Wing Sauce17073010
[more info]Parmesan Garlic Wing Sauce38039416


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.