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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Cinnamon Raisin Bagel350202000410703813
[more info]Everything Bagel370252.5000680703114
[more info]Onion Bagel360202000680703114
[more info]Plain Bagel350202000680683013
[more info]Poppyseed Bagel360202000680683113
[more info]Pumpernickel Bagel3203540.500860618111
[more info]Sesame Seed Bagel360252.5000680683114
[more info]Whole Wheat Bagel2902530003205412212

Brown Rice Bowls

[more info]King Creole Rice Bowl50002000857504881335
[more info]The Tango Rice Bowl4500180065700439431
[more info]Veg'n Tikka Masala (Vegan) Rice Bowl2900700048022121011
[more info]Vegivore ( (Vegan) Rice Bowl3900300021052132617


[more info]5 Star Mushroom Soup - 8oz13001000100281085
[more info]Asiago Cheese Bisque Soup - 8oz200019110071015117
[more info]Beef Barley Soup - 8oz110011009020434
[more info]Beef Stroganoff - 8oz250015900300351112
[more info]Beefaroni Soup - 8oz250092001,3002431620
[more info]Black Bean & Chorizo Soup - 8oz150093005308227
[more info]Black Bean Soup - 8oz800300031012313
[more info]Broccoli Cheddar Soup - 8oz19001711001,00013148
[more info]Butternut Squash & Ginger Bisque Soup - 8oz210010800620335123
[more info]Butternut Squash Cream - 8oz200011800220212141
[more info]Cajun Black Bean Soup - 8oz190010009203319112
[more info]Carrot Ginger Soup - 8oz1300640070182111
[more info]Chicken & Rice Soup - 8oz1800610082025348
[more info]Chicken Barley Soup - 8oz80000007511111
[more info]Chicken Cacciatore Soup - 8oz1000100029011247
[more info]Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup - 8oz25001913002004019
[more info]Chicken Gumbo Soup - 8oz6001.50009508233
[more info]Chicken Jambalaya Soup - 8oz16008300860142410
[more info]Chicken Masala Soup - 8oz11001000608118
[more info]Chicken Noodle Soup - 8oz1200150001,700162312
[more info]Chicken Pot Pie Soup - 8oz1900960072018349
[more info]Chicken Senegalese Soup - 8oz2800153009702351218
[more info]Chicken Soup with Kale and Quinoa Soup - 8oz270010000920274519
[more info]Coconut Chicken Soup - 8oz22003222008522137
[more info]Coconut Curry Chicken Soup - 8oz19008600910224711
[more info]Coconut Salmon Soup - 8oz210027200020010121
[more info]Corn & Chicken Poblano Bisque - 8oz230025130011581112
[more info]Corn Chowder Soup - 8oz1400420013023252
[more info]Crab & Tomato Chowder Soup - 8oz1000200085013278
[more info]Cream Of Broccoli - 8oz1900161100256121
[more info]Cream Of Carrot Soup - 8oz16001170093012113
[more info]Cream Of Mushroom Soup - 8oz250032200046011115
[more info]Cream Of Spinach & Wild Rice Soup - 8oz18001711001255002
[more info]Cream Of Tomato Florentine Soup - 8oz17001270011014455
[more info]Cream Of Tomato Soup - 8oz170022130010517173
[more info]Cream Of Turkey & Mushroom - 8oz120096003508232
[more info]Cream of Cauliflower Soup - 8oz24001630073021344
[more info]Cream of Chicken & Dumplings Soup - 8oz17009600670121210
[more info]Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup - 8oz3100258001,000293410
[more info]Cream of Tomato & Turkey Meatball Soup - 8oz37001414009901421514
[more info]Curried Cauliflower & Chickpea Soup - 8oz14002.500094026795
[more info]Curried Rice & Lentil Soup - 8oz150020001,12024137
[more info]Curry Chicken Masala - 8oz20001170017019324
[more info]Curry Chicken Soup - 8oz150021150019011118
[more info]Diablo Tequila Shrimp Chowder Soup - 8oz1200100032091210
[more info]French Onion Soup - 8oz80031001,32011133
[more info]Garden Vegetable Curry - 8oz700100012011333
[more info]Gazpacho Soup - 8oz130010600940153104
[more info]Harira Moroccan Soup - 8oz1400200035024407
[more info]Italian Wedding Soup - 8oz1500510089019117
[more info]Jalapeno Crab & Corn Chowder Soup - 8oz1100000059013264
[more info]Kale Lentil & Quinoa Soup - 8oz3300610005213618
[more info]Kale Sweet Potato & Chickpea Soup - 8oz23001000025030507
[more info]Kale Wheat Berry & 3 Bean Chili Soup - 8oz1200100007102310712
[more info]Kale Wild mushroom & Healthy Grains Soup - 8oz9001500070018758
[more info]Lentil & Curry with Kale & Quinoa Soup - 8oz230081006803213514
[more info]Lobster Bisque - 8oz2400530050544211
[more info]Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup - 8oz1200310041017257
[more info]Minestrone Soup - 8oz90000001708442
[more info]Moroccan Tomato & Chick Pea Soup - 8oz80000007012272
[more info]Mushroom Barley Soup - 8oz120031003017223
[more info]New England Clam Chowder Soup - 8oz240016100030018115
[more info]Organic Split Pea Soup - 8oz140020003020319
[more info]Pasta E Fagioli Soup - 8oz20007100800368311
[more info]Portobello & Tomato Bisque Soup - 8oz12002.50.50090024242
[more info]Portuguese Kale Soup - 8oz1300410060018515
[more info]Pot Roast With Vegetables Soup - 8oz17008300620102413
[more info]Potato Leek Soup - 8oz1500138001,08017114
[more info]Pumpkin Soup - 8oz1800320010363311
[more info]Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Parmesan Soup - 8oz230010200650184913
[more info]Roasted Garlic & Tomato Soup - 8oz1600159003516144
[more info]Roasted Tomato & Wild Mushrooms Soup - 8oz800200070015383
[more info]Santa Fe Tortilla Soup - 8oz1700500078020249
[more info]Seafood Jambalya Soup - 8oz200013500560161216
[more info]She Crab Soup - 8oz210021130026014134
[more info]Shrimp & Corn Chowder Soup - 8oz1600200030026379
[more info]Shrimp Enchilada Soup - 8oz30008100620305028
[more info]Spicy Blackbean & Corn Soup - 8oz300050001,50000614
[more info]Spicy Chickpea & Lemon Soup - 8oz1200200097022465
[more info]Sweet Potato & Corn Chowder Soup - 8oz23009600700334113
[more info]Three Bean Chili Poblano Soup - 8oz12001.500071023565
[more info]Tomato Basil Soup - 8oz11001.500063023293
[more info]Tomato Cheddar Soup - 8oz9002000780203123
[more info]Tomato Orzo Roasted Garlic - 8oz1200100025026354
[more info]Turkey & Vegetable Gumbo Soup - 8oz1800810055025536
[more info]Turkey Chili Soup - 8oz19009200500154520
[more info]Turkey Pot Pie Soup - 8oz20001050091019349
[more info]Turkey Veg Barley - 8oz1100310018016327
[more info]Tuscan Grilled Vegetable Soup - 8oz8001.500084016483
[more info]Tuscan Kale & White Beans with Quinoa Soup - 8oz2800810046033079
[more info]Tuscan Vegetable Soup - 8oz900000030013392
[more info]Vegetarian Chili Soup - 8oz17001000960321549
[more info]Vegetarian Gumbo Soup - 8oz180020007403217510
[more info]Vegetarian Lentil Soup - 8oz9001.500068015333
[more info]White Bean & Sausage Soup - 8oz220014400530348217

Breakfast Add Ons

[more info]Side of Bacon2602002380501,00000017
[more info]Side of Beef Sausage1501201360355701007
[more info]Side of Ham7015100204001018
[more info]Side of Potatoes1502031001031323
[more info]Side of Sausage17013014504038000010
[more info]Side of Turkey70101002035020110
[more info]Side of Turkey Bacon1901301440501,14020015
[more info]Side of Turkey Sausage120505104533000012


[more info]Chocolate Decadence Brownie490320372101601608055311
[more info]Oreo Cookie Brownie5403203721080210800535
[more info]Peanut Butter Brownie560410461101103808146212


[more info]Almond Croissant50026029130004721212
[more info]Chocolate Croissant3106071020380556266
[more info]Ham & Cheese Croissant330901050601,300282225
[more info]Plain Croissant2801501810075130283104

Cutting Edge Sandwiches

[more info]Bistro Roast Beef690350392001202,090603647
[more info]Cape Cod Turkey Salad61037037100201,350364618
[more info]Chicken Cutlet & Cheddar68023026901251,170573253
[more info]Chicken Samba560130152.5095760584346
[more info]Dolphin Free Tuna Salad38050600201,6907991027
[more info]Fresh Roasted Turkey4702903290851,3007231539
[more info]Italian Submarine7500560000413326
[more info]Mardi Gras Chicken700420451601202,4406911542
[more info]Maryland Crabcake5101301420155970683223
[more info]Proscuitto Di Parma67028030110803,200341238
[more info]Smoked Turkey & Brie5001001150551,600515928
[more info]Tuscan Chicken4801201320502,58010521242


[more info]Apple Turnover Danish40016018400570530264
[more info]Blueberry Danish35016018304034045205
[more info]Cheese Danish27014016501032026156
[more info]Cherry Danish300709202030292154
[more info]Cinnamon Bun Danish42021024602039047107

Egg Sandwiches

[more info]Egg Whites on Roll3401101240430470391421
[more info]Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich8050520210601016
[more info]Two Eggs on Platter1508093043013020012
[more info]Two Eggs on Roll4001601750430680401623
[more info]Two Eggs on Rye230901030430390212215
[more info]Two Eggs on White3101001130430530340118
[more info]Two Eggs on Whole Wheat Bread260100113.50430430284317
[more info]Two Eggs on Whole Wheat Wrap3001201440430450294117
[more info]Two Eggs on Wrap3001201440430450311117

Entree Salads

[more info]Asian Chile Chicken Entree Salad42030710501,7203841531
[more info]Bistro Entree Salad6302604870207107920524
[more info]Caeser Entree Salad360120148035620277417
[more info]Cobb Salad Entree Salad560300271302151,690167540
[more info]Garden Entree Salad10020200040015446
[more info]Greek Entree Salad4201702980401,320257715
[more info]Grilled Chicken Caeser Entree Salad34018015901001,750215538
[more info]Herbed Grilled Salmon Salad360160182040830163432
[more info]Korean BBQ Chicken Salad59021023601509503151462
[more info]Mediterranean Grill Entree Salad3704550001,57036758
[more info]Traditional Chef Entree Salad590260421602301,380196457
[more info]Tuna Garden Entree Salad380502300201,200157521
[more info]Wasabi Crusted Salmon Entree Salad43060710301,0204691229

Fresh Fruit Salads

[more info]Medium Mixed Bowl Fruit Salad180101000390458363
[more info]Regular Mixed Bowl Fruit Salad900000020284191

Frozen Cafe Coolers

[more info]Extreme Toffee Coffee w/Skim Milk43014016140203106305311
[more info]Extreme Toffee coffee w/Whole Milk47018021170403106305411
[more info]Frozen Hot Chocolate w/Skim Milk39014016160031059449
[more info]Frozen Hot Chocolate w/Whole Milk4301802119020310594449
[more info]Vanilla Latte w/Skim Milk3701001212002106104511
[more info]Vanilla Latte w/Whole Milk41014017150202106104411
[more info]Whipped Cream (optional)1510110<501000

Giant Cookies

[more info]Black & White Cookie400809404560301281
[more info]Chocolate Chunk Cookie4402002212060160622366
[more info]Honey Oatmeal Raisin Cookie420120126050190241123
[more info]Peanut Butter Cookie46024026100501,7204823010

Griddle Originals

[more info]Buttermilk Pancakes220060000293126
[more info]Buttermilk Whole Wheat Pancakes19006000022336
[more info]Challah French Toast17007000019367

Hot Cereal Bar

[more info]Oatmeal w/Skim Milk210303100037619
[more info]Oatmeal w/Water180510001037205
[more info]Oatmeal w/Whole Milk400420148035160524017

Krispy Treats

[more info]Chocolate Rice Krispy5001601811045380865415
[more info]Rice Krispy Treat3904553.5015170370192


[more info]Arugula35101000355234
[more info]Baby Spinach25000009043<13
[more info]Crispy Romaine2500000105322
[more info]Mesclun2500000204311


[more info]Apple Cinnamon Muffin500200223.5055510702356
[more info]Banana Chocolate Chip Walnut Muffin54015017100105370902478
[more info]Corn Muffin480180204.50602066317
[more info]Fat Free Fiber Bran Muffin2600000031074322110
[more info]Fat Free Triple Berry Muffin35000000840846545
[more info]Honey Raisin Bran Muffin480130162045610859359
[more info]Lemon Blueberry Muffin360100122015220404294
[more info]Orange Cranberry Muffin420130159090530652286


[more info]California Turkey Pita400901020401,100334316
[more info]Fresh Turkey Pita3206072050270212324
[more info]Tuna Salad Pita32045500201,170303416
[more info]Vegeterian Pita3003030.50027028445

Pound Cake

[more info]Carrot Pound Cake4108092025250782494
[more info]Cranberry Pound Cake450400219240012552007
[more info]Double Chocolate Pound Cake51024027150140440632408
[more info]Iced Lemon Pound Cake4401401680125390681477
[more info]Marble Pound Cake43020022100130440521216
[more info]Plain Pound Cake420120211101353705213868


[more info]Cajun Chicken5800250001,470410039
[more info]Chicken Calabrese590300441501001,780634740
[more info]Chicken Parmigiana6702702890451,540686630
[more info]Classic Tuna Melt61024027120801,350573439
[more info]Eggplant Frita7503504080452,0608610320
[more info]Eggplant Milanese61029053160601,9807261137
[more info]Fresh Turkey BLT660450501301151,450594539
[more info]Metro Steak & Cheese670350602501051,330483433
[more info]Old School7002502770851,700733738
[more info]Route 665401501780651,190692928
[more info]Sausalito Turkey64021024801051,340593349
[more info]Three Cheese Caprese51029043210901,160453438
[more info]Turkey Cuban64028042160902,4605531337

Salad Cheese

[more info]Bleu Cheese160150173.5015310<10<1<1
[more info]Cheddar Cheese702532010230<1009
[more info]Feta Cheese503543015210<10<13
[more info]Mozzarella1006064020180<10010
[more info]Romano Cheese1006074020360<1009

Salad Dressing

[more info]Aged Balsamic Vinegar1000000104040
[more info]Balsamic Vinaigrette210170191.50021011080
[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing160150173.5015310<10<1<1
[more info]Caeser140130142.501031030<1<1
[more info]Carrot Ginger1600181.5002901000
[more info]Catalina French1300131.5002404050
[more info]Chipotle Lime Vinaigrette140140151001502010
[more info]Extra Virgin Olive Oil24002840000000
[more info]Fat-Free Lemon Herb450000004000
[more info]Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette3500000759<170
[more info]Fresh Lemon Juice50000052000
[more info]Low Fat Honey Dijon500000015011090
[more info]Low Fat Peppercorn Ranch14080142002402000
[more info]Red Wine Vinegar50000000000
[more info]Smokey Russian2001301500053018112<1
[more info]Thousand Island10010000005000

Salad Protein

[more info]Bacon Bits402502.50<52500003
[more info]Baked Tofu352020001151003
[more info]Buffalo Chicken1202530.505520000021
[more info]Cajun Chicken5800250001,470410039
[more info]Dolphin-Free Albacore Tuna60151.5002018000012
[more info]Grilled Chicken100202.50.504515000017
[more info]Smoked Turkey80252.51.504037000016
[more info]Spicy Shrimp30000060650006
[more info]Thai Chicken17005107511521027

Salad Toppings

[more info]Almonds11090100.50003106
[more info]Apple200000005<140
[more info]Baby Bello Mushrooms100000002<1<1<1
[more info]Boiled Egg905061.5023070<10<17
[more info]Broccoli15000001531<1<1
[more info]Carrots2000000304120
[more info]Celery500000251<1<10
[more info]Chick Peas7010100020012314
[more info]Chopped Tomato100000003121
[more info]Craisins120000000292270
[more info]Crispy Wontons70303000808002
[more info]Croutons800210058012224
[more info]Crunchy Onion1208094001608000
[more info]Cucumber50000001010
[more info]Dried Cranberries10000.50000272220
[more info]Edamame7030300006317
[more info]Egg Whites1500000500003
[more info]Fresh Avocado40303.50.500032<1<1
[more info]Hearts of Palm2000.50003104402
[more info]Jalapenos0000000<1000
[more info]Kalamata Olives140110122006906000
[more info]Kidney Beans35000001507302
[more info]Mandarin Orange250000007<160
[more info]Marinated Artichokes2002000280421<1
[more info]Mushrooms5000000<10<1<1
[more info]Raisins130000005342251
[more info]Red Bell Peppers50000002<1<10
[more info]Red Grapes6000000015<1130
[more info]Red Onions150000004<120
[more info]Roasted Peppers250000085522<1
[more info]Scallions150000053011
[more info]Sesame Noodles13004.500012012003
[more info]Sliced Beets2500000456151
[more info]Sprouts100200002102
[more info]Sundried Tomato800000018014680
[more info]Sunflower Seeds12001110004214
[more info]Sweet Corn5000.5000011142
[more info]Sweet Peas40000001607323
[more info]Tortilla Strips703030003080<10
[more info]Walnuts1501301410002206

Side Salads

[more info]Basil Chicken Side Salad3801401650102,03061131
[more info]Cape Cod Cranberry Turkey4200160000183510
[more info]Egg Side Salad3601700405701,28030225
[more info]Lemon Chick Pea05061001,42028736
[more info]Penne with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto3104516000200345415
[more info]Santorini Side Salad28002200008106
[more info]Spicy Sesame Ginger Thai Noodles230152000520313115
[more info]Tofu Edamame (Vegan) Side Salad21009100660134010

Signature Sweets

[more info]Carrot Cake5703704170135800923559
[more info]Chocolate Pudding170152200260402292
[more info]Fruit Jello20000001100003
[more info]NY Cheesecake540280320013536033107
[more info]Rice Pudding2801201320<514037004
[more info]Tiramisu5001902111045710691306


[more info]Berry Crush Smoothie590510009513551101
[more info]Fuzzy Monkey Smoothie3900000040865562
[more info]Strawberry Banana Blast Smoothie5805100050986852
[more info]Tropical Breeze Smoothie3500000035832761


[more info]Buffalo Chicken Wrap75039044150753,090663336
[more info]Chicken Caeser Wrap6901601940652,010603332
[more info]Chicken Vera Cruz Wrap4901301530501,3804961224

Yogurt Parfaits

[more info]Blueberry Yogurt Parfait410100124.50202405534422
[more info]Plain Yogurt Parfait400110124.50202505234222
[more info]Strawberry Yogurt Parfait400110124.50202405334222

Add Cheese

[more info]American Cheese Slice906074.50203602016
[more info]Cheddar Cheese Slice11080960301700007
[more info]Feta Cheese Slice8050640253201014
[more info]Mozzarella Cheese Slice7045530152001016
[more info]Muenster Cheese Slice8060640201350005
[more info]Swiss Cheese Slice1107085025552008


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.