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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Boneless Asian Zing Wing11060620202907045
[more info]Boneless Blazin® Wing10070720254303005
[more info]Boneless Caribbean Jerk Wing10060720202805025
[more info]Boneless Honey BBQ Wing10060620202607035
[more info]Boneless Honey Mustard Wing10070720252404015
[more info]Boneless Hot BBQ Wing100606202033040<15
[more info]Boneless Hot Wing10060720254203005
[more info]Boneless Mango Habanera Wing10060620202707035
[more info]Boneless Medium Wing10060720254103005
[more info]Boneless Mild Wing10070720253903005
[more info]Boneless Parmesan Garlic Wing1108082.50253303005
[more info]Boneless Pepper Infusion® Wing1107082.50203303005
[more info]Boneless Spicy garlic Wing10060720254204005
[more info]Boneless Sweet BBQ Wing10060620202705025
[more info]Boneless Teriyaki Wing10060620204006025
[more info]Boneless Wild® Wing10060720254104005
[more info]Plain Boneless Wing9060620201803005


[more info]Plain Traditional Wing704551025650006
[more info]Traditional Asian Zing Wing9045510251604036
[more info]Traditional Blazin® Wing8060610302800006
[more info]Traditional Caribbean Jerk Wing9050610251502026
[more info]Traditional Honey BBQ Wing8045510251353026
[more info]Traditional Honey Mustard Wing9060610301201016
[more info]Traditional Hot BBQ Wing80505102519010<16
[more info]Traditional Hot Wing8050610302700006
[more info]Traditional Mango Habanera Wing9045510251403026
[more info]Traditional Medium Wing8050610302600006
[more info]Traditional Mild Wing8060610302400006
[more info]Traditional Parmesan Garlic Wing907071.50301900006
[more info]Traditional Pepper Infusion® Wing906071.50252000006
[more info]Traditional Spicy garlic Wing805061030270<1006
[more info]Traditional Sweet BBQ Wing8045510251401016
[more info]Traditional Teriyaki Wing8045510252502026
[more info]Traditional Wild® Wing805061030260<1006

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