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Starters & Sharing

Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Large[more info]63031034601252,450153666
Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Regular[more info]3401601730652,200112435
Bang Bang Shrimp[more info]78054061110.52551,950293530
Calamari[more info]1,22066074120.52052,56011471826
Imperial Dip[more info]1,160870962962851,920252343
Maryland-Style Crab Cakes[more info]49032036701601,300142629
Mussels Josephine (Prince Edward Island and Penn Cove) with Bread[more info]1,180510572201601,9909441244
Mussels Josephine (Prince Edward Island and Penn Cove) without Bread[more info]710330372101601,2203421031
Wagyu Beef + Ginger Potstickers[more info]6503303690802,5006031021

Soups & Greens

Bonefish House Salad, Entree[more info]360280312.50046015486
Bonefish House Salad, Side[more info]230170191.50036011365
Caesar Salad, Entree[more info]4803604070.545570224310
Caesar Salad, Side[more info]4803604070.545570214210
Corn Chowder + Lump Crab Soup, Bowl[more info]530390432011101,110222511
Corn Chowder + Lump Crab Soup, Cup[more info]33024027130.56568014136
Florida Cobb Salad with Wood-Grilled Chicken[more info]7204104590.5120910175964
Florida Cobb Salad with Wood-Grilled Shrimp[more info]64047052100.51701,5801951027
Salad Protein Add-On, Wood-Grilled Chicken[more info]230252.50010027000052
Salad Protein Add-On, Wood-Grilled Salmon[more info]330170194010018000039
Salad Protein Add-On, Wood-Grilled Shrimp[more info]1609010101509403<1<115

Seafood Specialties

Bang Bang Chicken Taco (Regional)[more info]39024027803060031446
Bang Bang Shrimp (2 Tacos) with Corn Tortilla (Regional)[more info]66043048100.51951,4201334523
Bang Bang Shrimp (3 Tacos)[more info]1,11067074180.52802,530718737
Bang Bang Shrimp (3 Tacos) with Corn Tortilla & French Fries (Regional)[more info]1,480830922012853,270418132039
Bang Bang Shrimp (3 Tacos) with Corn Tortilla (Regional)[more info]1,03062068160.52801,9903628835
Bang Bang Shrimp (3 Tacos) with French Fries[more info]1,560880982312853,820127121942
Blackened Baja Fish (2 Tacos) with Corn Tortilla (Regional)[more info]460210234.50857202345928
Blackened Baja Fish (3 Tacos)[more info]77036040901251,6205971345
Blackened Baja Fish (3 Tacos) with Corn Tortilla (Regional)[more info]69031034701251,07035081342
Blackened Baja Fish Tacos (3 Tacos) with Corn Tortilla & French Fries (Regional)[more info]1,15052058110.51302,360406122646
Blackened Baja Fish Tacos (3 Tacos) with French Fries[more info]1,23058064140.51302,910115122549
Blackened Salmon Pasta[more info]1,240710781111152,590697955
Cod Fish & Chips[more info]1,030610681311202,0406661339
Cod Imperial[more info]48025028110.52109208<1250
Cold Water Lobster Tails (1 Tail, with Butter)[more info]300220251511854603<1<117
Cold Water Lobster Tails (2 Tails, with Butter)[more info]590440492923659103<1<133
Crab Crusted Cod[more info]44015017902201,040232453
Pecan Parmesan Crusted Rainbow Trout[more info]79049055120210690175257
Spicy Tuna Bowl[more info]1,0103203540552,41013684440
Thermidor Gnocchi[more info]1,030570642113752,510635848

From The Land

Filet Mignon, 7 oz[more info]280130157011525000039
Fontina Pork Chop[more info]920470522602951,74015<1789
Half-Pound Beef Burger Add-On, Avocado[more info]3530300002100
Half-Pound Beef Burger Add-On, Bacon[more info]60404.51.50102300004
Half-Pound Beef Burger with French Fries[more info]1,42080088244.51901,9609171263
Half-Pound Beef Burger without Fries[more info]89046051171.51851,2504931159
Lily's Chicken[more info]4902002311015583092362
Steak & Crab Cake, 7 oz Filet[more info]5402803180.52001,120101557
Steak & Crab Cake, 7 oz Sirloin[more info]5202402760.51951,250111558
The Angler's Sirloin Steak, 7 oz[more info]2305052.5011546010043

Grilled Fish

Ahi Tuna Steak[more info]220354108016000046
Atlantic Salmon, Regular[more info]430230255013023000050
Atlantic Salmon, Small[more info]330170194010018000039
Chilean Sea Bass, Regular[more info]6404805311014020000041
Chilean Sea Bass, Small[more info]34025028607510500022
Mahi Mahi[more info]2504552.509073082242
Rainbow Trout[more info]410180204.5019524000057

Perfect Pairings

Georges Bank Scallops & Shrimp[more info]2508091.501951,04040038
Lobster Tail & Crab Cake[more info]570410461912651,2408<1431
Mahi Mahi & Shrimp[more info]330707302401,39082257
Steak & Crab Cake, 7 oz Filet[more info]5402803180.52001,120101557
Steak & Crab Cake, 7 oz Sirloin[more info]5202402760.51951,250111558
Steak & Lobster Tail, 7 oz Filet[more info]56030034191.530088051160
Steak & Lobster Tail, 7 oz Sirloin[more info]530270301712951,01061160

Grilled Fish: Signature Sauces

Chimmichurri Sauce[more info]130130141002901<10<1
Lemon Butter[more info]6060640151352010
Lime Tomato Garlic[more info]6045530101304030
Pan Asian Sauce[more info]703540.50<55707<150

Premium Sides

Bacon Mac and Cheese[more info]72036039230.51252,100593931
Side Pumpkin Ravioli[more info]30010011604060041399
Steamed Asparagus[more info]702530003408424

Signature Sides

Coleslaw[more info]180130141.50<54901128<1
Garlic Whipped Potatoes[more info]22011012401067025223
Jasmine Rice[more info]21045500055039003
Sauteed Spinach[more info]1701301410048084<16
Seasonal Vegetable, Green Beans[more info]50303.51.50<51154322
Seasonal Vegetable, Steamed Broccoli[more info]70353.520101909333


Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]1807083.50201103<1172
Classic Cheesecake with Melba Sauce[more info]41024027171130280370336
Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie[more info]1808094.501510531162
Jen's Jamacian Coconut Pie[more info]790500564012252106545511
Macadamia Nut Brownie[more info]99046051321235220123810114

Children's Menu

Kids Chicken Tenders[more info]400180203.5060630312<124
Kids Fish Strips[more info]1206071.503011030011
Kids Grilled Chicken[more info]120101.5005013500026
Kids Kids LiveWell Grilled Chicken with Steamed Broccoli and 100% Orange Juice[more info]23015200502002832229
Kids Mac n' Cheese[more info]50018020121651,9305421023
Kids Popcorn Shrimp[more info]220120132.5011577011<1014
Kids Side of French Fries[more info]4002102450<571042404
Kids Side of Seasonal Vegetable, Broccoli[more info]70353.520101909333
Kids Side of Seasonal Vegetable, Green Beans[more info]50303.51.50<51154322

Children's Beverages

Kids 2% Milk without Ice[more info]110404.5302095110117
Kids 100% Orange Juice with Ice[more info]900000025220220
Kids Barq's Root Beer with Ice[more info]800000010210210
Kids Coke with Ice[more info]70000000200200
Kids Diet Coke with Ice[more info]00000050000
Kids Dr. Pepper with Ice[more info]900000025250250
Kids Lemonade with Ice[more info]700000030180180
Kids Seagram's Ginger Ale with Ice[more info]70000005180180
Kids Sprite with Ice[more info]700000015190190

Family Bundles

Bacon Mac and Cheese (Panko), Family Bundle[more info]2,0901,020113671.53605,86017682593
Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos, Family Bundle[more info]3,2601,780198531.58207,7702492720119
Blackened Salmon Pasta, Family Bundle[more info]6,5804,39048758352012,3603033644250
Broccoli, Family Bundle[more info]29013014803076035121013
Caesar Salad, Family Bundle[more info]3201501770254303210614
Chicken Marsala, Family Bundle[more info]1,56055061290.54703,30040221195
Chicken Tacos, Family Bundle[more info]2,7401,0301153304755,0602242949193
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Family Bundle[more info]1,11048053261956202179313
Coleslaw, Family Bundle[more info]1,05078086101302,9506510476
Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Family Bundle[more info]1,33067075250504,040151131216
Green Beans, Family Bundle[more info]220130156025480171097
Grilled Chicken, Family Bundle[more info]8509010003459501033184
Grilled Mahi Mahi, Family Bundle[more info]970170191003652,9102176167
Grilled Salmon, Family Bundle[more info]1,540810891914608201133179
Grilled Shrimp, Family Bundle[more info]7703403860.51,0354,710802102
House Salad, Family Bundle[more info]270140161.500740229913
Jasmine Rice, Family Bundle[more info]1,280260292003,3102363019
Lily's Chicken & Shrimp, Family Bundle[more info]1,920860953929204,580401013233
Lily's Chicken, Family Bundle[more info]1,76077086401.55452,89030810219
Mahi Mahi & Shrimp, Family Bundle[more info]98020022907154,1802065169
Surf N Turf (7 oz Sirloin and Shrimp), Family Bundle[more info]1,870710791721,4906,6301604275
Surf N Turf (Sirloin and Shrimp), Family Bundle[more info]2,04075084182.51,5756,9801705307
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, Family Bundle[more info]1,090410452211106601739912

Brunch Specials

Avocado Toast[more info]430250277030780396711
BFG Ahi Tuna Steak & Eggs[more info]1,060690763522051,090283465
BLT, Ahi Tuna with Fries[more info]1,56076084171.51102,900144132658
BLT, Ahi Tuna without Fries[more info]1,100550611211051,6108891454
BLT, Lobster with Fries[more info]1,44067074151.51303,220144132649
BLT, Lobster without Fries[more info]980460511011251,9308991445
Crab Cake Rancheros[more info]870660742161501,600285721
Crab Cake Rancheros, Add an Egg[more info]970730812561601,700285728
Creme Brulee French Toast[more info]93049054321.52308309345420
Eggs Benedict, Bang Bang Shrimp[more info]780360401711701,570631737
Eggs Benedict, Filet Mignon and Lobster[more info]970490552411901,24054<1559
Eggs Benedict, Traditional[more info]700310341711151,500550738
Greens, Eggs & Ham[more info]89054060161901,54057111636
Omelet, California, with Egg Whites and Toast[more info]52027030150.5651,410303534
Omelet, California with Toast[more info]66042046200.55501,280314433
Omelet, Oscar, with Egg Whites and Toast[more info]52025028151901,070344633
Omelet, Oscar with Toast[more info]640380422115751,280344532
Saucy Shrimp & Grits[more info]1,07058064360.54652,5706252762
Seafood Johnny Cakes & Eggs[more info]730350381701352,070533938
The Cure[more info]1,210650722812703,3109181846
Traditional Sirloin Steak & Eggs[more info]1,05070077362.52301,370293460

Brunch Add-Ons And Sides

Add an Egg, Fried[more info]1007083.50<5950007
Add an Egg, Poached[more info]804551.50010500<17
Side, Bacon[more info]906072.50103400007
Side, French Fries with Ketchup[more info]4502102450<51,290565124
Side, Grits[more info]27014015100.550620220212
Side, Toast with Butter[more info]2301101270.52526026234

Brunch Cocktails

Bloody Mary (Regional)[more info]180303.50001,84017292
Bloody Mary Mini Bar[more info]380110133.502703,4002641022
Bonefush Aperol Spritz[more info]13000000018<1150
Cucumber Spa Spritz[more info]140000000190170
Endless Blackberry Sangria[more info]1900000010321280
Endless Bloody Mary[more info]180303.50001,84017292
Endless Bubbles Mango Mimosa[more info]2401010000474372
Endless Bubbles Peach Bellini[more info]1600000015230120
Endless Bubbles Traditional Mimosa[more info]1000000001509<1


Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos, 2 Tacos[more info]77047053120.51951,790485526
Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos, 2 Tacos (Regional)[more info]66043048100.51951,4201334523
Blackened Baja Fish Tacos, 2 Tacos[more info]5202402760851,080405930
Blackened Baja Fish Tacos, 2 Tacos (Regional)[more info]460210234.50857202345928
Blackened BFG Fish Sandwich, Grouper[more info]72025028401051,3505451456
Chicken Tacos, 2 Tacos[more info]5302402660801,160416933
Chicken Tacos, 2 Tacos (Regional)[more info]480200224.50808002356931
Chocolate Chip Cookie, 1 Cookie[more info]1808094.501510531162
Chocolate Chip Cookie, 3 Cookies[more info]5502402613050310104477
Chocolate Chip Cookie, 6 Cookies[more info]1,11048053261956202179313
Chowder, Cup[more info]51039043201951,05022258
Cod Fish & Chips, Small[more info]1,010600671211152,0206661337
Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie, 1 Cookie[more info]1807083.50201103<1172
Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie, 3 Cookies[more info]540200231105533092506
Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie, 6 Cookies[more info]1,090410452211106601739912
Half-Pound Wagyu Beef Burger[more info]4902502880358904931113
Lobster Roll[more info]59022024501201,430544738
Lunch, Add Crispy Chicken[more info]58020022616801,190543241
Lunch, Add Grilled Chicken[more info]120101.5005013500026
Side Salad, Caesar[more info]4803604070.545570214210
Side Salad, House[more info]230170191.50036011365

Happy Hour

Bang Bang Shrimp (Regional)[more info]78054061110.52551,950293530
Bang Bang Shrimp, 2 Tacos with Fries (Regional)[more info]1,120650721512002,71018991728
Beef Sliders, 2 Sliders[more info]340150172.5010200392107
Blackened Baja Fish, 2 Tacos with Fries (Regional)[more info]9204204790.5902,010289102132
Calamari, Small[more info]64035038601051,4006141113
Crispy Broccoli[more info]4803203661251,22035449
Crispy Cod Sliders, 2 Sliders[more info]540270305065710422825
Shrimp Toast[more info]4601802042.51059304741721

Happy Hour Beverages

Blueberry Lemon Drop[more info]19000000024<1210
Bombay Breeze[more info]180000000250240
Fresh Margarita[more info]16000000014<1120
The Duval[more info]16000000028<1270
Tropical Tiki Martini[more info]22000000030128<1

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Barq's Root Beer[more info]1000000010280280
Bottled Water, San Pellegrino[more info]000000400000
Cappuccino[more info]45151.510<5355043
Coffee[more info]00000050000
Coke with Ice[more info]100000000270270
Diet Coke with Ice[more info]000000100000
Dr. Pepper[more info]900000025250250
Ginger Mint Infused Lemonade[more info]130000001034<1310
Hot Tea[more info]000000100000
Minute Maid Lemonade[more info]900000040250250
Orange Juice[more info]100000000230232
Seagram's Ginger Ale with Ice[more info]900000010240240
Seasonal Iced Tea, Blackberry[more info]70000000161150
Sprite with Ice[more info]1000000020260260


Beer, Craft/High Alcohol, Bottle[more info]2000000015<1003
Beer, Craft/High Alcohol, Draft[more info]2100000015<1003
Beer, Light, Bottle[more info]1000000010400<1
Beer, Light, Draft[more info]1100000010500<1
Beer, Regular, Bottle[more info]150000001512002
Beer, Regular, Draft[more info]160000001513002
Blue Moon, Draft[more info]200000002017002
Bud Light, Bottle[more info]1100000010600<1
Budweiser, Bottle[more info]140000001010001
Coors Light, Bottle[more info]10000000105000
Corona Extra, Bottle[more info]150000001512002
Guinness, Can[more info]12000000155001
Heineken, Bottle[more info]1400000000000
Michelob Ultra, Bottle[more info]900000010300<1
Miller Lite, Bottle[more info]1000000053000
Newcastle, Bottle[more info]150000001512002
Pyramid Angler Ale, Draft (Regional)[more info]160000001513002
Pyramid Hefeweizen, Draft (Regional)[more info]160000001513002
Sam Adams Boston Lager, Bottle[more info]170000003017002
Sam Adams Seasonal Octoberfest, Draft[more info]2000000055200<12
Sam Adams Seasonal Summer Ale, Draft[more info]180000004515002
Sam Adams Seasonal Winter Lager, Draft[more info]2100000040200<13
Sam Adams Summer Ale, Bottle[more info]170000004514002
Sam Adams Winter Lager, Bottle[more info]1900000035190<12
Stella Artois, Bottle[more info]15000000013001


Coral Reef Punch[more info]22000000031<1300
Fresh Watermelon Martini (Seasonal)[more info]210000000200190
Irish Goodbye[more info]37020022140.56520130122
Parker's Margarita Frozen[more info]1900000056021<1150
Parker's Margarita Sauza/Patron[more info]1900000056021<1150
Patron's Perfect Cucumber Margarita[more info]230000000270240
Signature Red Sangria: Blackberry Red[more info]1900000010321280
Signature White Sangria: Sparkling Mango White[more info]220000002533223<1
Smoked Old Fashioned[more info]1700000008080
The Mule[more info]20000000031<1280
Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned[more info]230000000251230


Red Wine, Bottle[more info]64000000252005<1
Red Wine, Glass[more info]1500000055010
Rose Wine, Bottle[more info]65000000251907<1
Rose Wine, Glass[more info]1500000055020
Sparkling Wine, Bottle[more info]60000000020000
Sparkling Wine, Split[more info]1500000005000
White Wine, Bottle[more info]65000000251907<1
White Wine, Glass[more info]1500000055020


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.