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[more info]Bobby Blue Beef Burger, Topless730520561811601,65071446
[more info]Bobby Blue Beef Burger with Bun740400431811601,720304555
[more info]Bobby Blue Chicken Burger, Topless560350391101551,61071445
[more info]Bobby Blue Chicken Burger with Bun570240261101551,680304554
[more info]Bobby Blue Turkey Burger, Topless720500551501851,66071448
[more info]Bobby Blue Turkey Burger with Bun730390421501851,730304557
[more info]Brunch Beef Burger, Topless760540591912701,83050348
[more info]Brunch Beef Burger with Bun770430461812701,900283457
[more info]Brunch Chicken Burger, Topless590380421202651,79050346
[more info]Brunch Chicken Burger with Bun600270291202651,870283456
[more info]Brunch Turkey Burger, Topless760550601703001,85050349
[more info]Brunch Turkey Burger with Bun770430471603001,920283458
[more info]Carolina Beef Burger, Topless54036040911001,1501411230
[more info]Carolina Beef Burger with Bun55025027911001,2203731339
[more info]Carolina Chicken Burger, Topless370200222.50951,1101411229
[more info]Carolina Chicken Burger with Bun380901020951,1803731338
[more info]Carolina Turkey Burger, Topless54036041701301,1701411231
[more info]Carolina Turkey Burger with Bun55025028701301,2403731341
[more info]Crunch Beef Burger, Topless640460501511301,430101336
[more info]Crunch Beef Burger with Bun650340371511301,500323446
[more info]Crunch Chicken Burger, Topless47030033801251,390101335
[more info]Crunch Chicken Burger with Bun48018020801251,460323444
[more info]Crunchified60353.50.500605001
[more info]Crunch Turkey Burger, Topless650460511301551,440101337
[more info]Crunch Turkey Burger with Bun660350381301551,520323447
[more info]Dallas Beef Burger, Topless640430471311301,4401611436
[more info]Dallas Beef Burger with Bun650320341311301,5103931445
[more info]Dallas Chicken Burger, Topless47027030601251,4001611434
[more info]Dallas Chicken Burger with Bun48016017601251,4703931444
[more info]Dallas Turkey Burger, Topless640440481101551,4501611437
[more info]Dallas Turkey Burger with Bun650320351101551,5303931446
[more info]Griddled Cheese790490533101451,320481826
[more info]LA Beef Burger, Topless540390421011001,00093431
[more info]LA Beef Burger with Bun55028030911001,070316540
[more info]LA Chicken Burger, Topless37023025309596093430
[more info]LA Chicken Burger with Bun380110122.50951,030316539
[more info]LA Turkey Burger, Topless55039043701301,01093432
[more info]LA Turkey Burger with Bun55028030701301,0903316541
[more info]Miami Beef Burger, Topless580430471111201,09040333
[more info]Miami Beef Burger with Bun55029031911201,060262639
[more info]Miami Chicken Burger, Topless41027030401151,06040331
[more info]Miami Chicken Burger with Bun380130142.501151,020262638
[more info]Miami Turkey Burger, Topless58043048901451,11040334
[more info]Miami Turkey Burger with Bun55029032701451,070262640
[more info]New Mexico Beef Burger, Topless560390421211201,21081534
[more info]New Mexico Beef Burger with Bun560280291211201,280304543
[more info]New Mexico Chicken Burger, Topless39023025501201,280304543
[more info]New Mexico Chicken Burger with Bun40011012501151,17084542
[more info]New Mexico Turkey Burger, Topless560390431001451,22081535
[more info]New Mexico Turkey Burger with Bun570280301001451,300304544
[more info]Palace Classic Beef Burger, Topless610430471511301,370102636
[more info]Palace Classic Beef Burger with Bun620310341411301,440334646
[more info]Palace Classic Chicken Burger, Topless44027029801251,330102635
[more info]Palace Classic Chicken Burger with Bun45015016801251,400334644
[more info]Palace Classic Turkey Burger, Topless610430471201551,390102637
[more info]Palace Classic Turkey Burger with Bun620320351201551,460334647
[more info]Philadelphia Beef Burger, Topless w Prov610420451311151,550142836
[more info]Philadelphia Beef Burger, Topless w Whiz670460491211152,1101921235
[more info]Philadelphia Beef Burger with Bun w Prov620300321311151,620375845
[more info]Philadelphia Beef Burger with Bun w Whiz680340371211152,1804251245
[more info]Philadelphia Chicken Burger, Topless w Prov44025028601101,510142835
[more info]Philadelphia Chicken Burger, Topless w Whiz51030032501102,0701921234
[more info]Philadelphia Chicken Burger with Bun w Prov45014015601101,580375844
[more info]Philadelphia Chicken Burger with Bun w Whiz52018019501102,1404251243
[more info]Philadelphia Turkey Burger, Topless w Prov620420461101401,570142837
[more info]Philadelphia Turkey Burger, Topless w Whiz680460501001402,1301221236
[more info]Philadelphia Turkey Burger with Bun w Prov630300331001401,640375846
[more info]Philadelphia Turkey Burger with Bun w Whiz69035037901402,2004251246

Kid's Meal Beverages

[more info]Kid's Apple Juice1000000010240240
[more info]Kid's Cherry Coke1600000040420420
[more info]Kid's Chocolate Milk2308095035170311299
[more info]Kid's Coke1500000050410410
[more info]Kid's Coke Zero000000400000
[more info]Kid's Diet Coke000000400000
[more info]Kid's Fresca000000350000
[more info]Kid's Ginger Ale1000000035260260
[more info]Kid's Iced Tea500000100001
[more info]Kid's Lemonade1700000020450420
[more info]Kid's Milk1507084.5025105120128
[more info]Kid's Vitamin Water70000000190190

Kid's Meal Burgers

[more info]Kid's Beef Burger with Bun4802202491100520253239
[more info]Kid's Beef Burger with Bun and Cheese590310341411301,100263245
[more info]Kid's Chicken Burger with Bun3106072095480253238
[more info]Kid's Chicken Burger with Bun and Cheese42015016801251,060263244
[more info]Kid's Griddled Cheese790490533101451,320481826
[more info]Kid's Turkey Burger with Bun4702102460125530253241
[more info]Kid's Turkey Burger with Bun and Cheese580300331201551,110263247

Kid's Meal Sides

[more info]Kid's French Fries2801701920<518026213


[more info]Add Beef Patty310190208110023000029
[more info]Add Grilled Chicken140253109519000028
[more info]Add Turkey Patty300180205012524000031
[more info]Balsamic Dressing160150171001351010
[more info]Crunch Chopped Salad with Dressing3602102260<5750307912
[more info]Crunch Chopped Salad without Dressing2501301350<5590237412
[more info]Kale Salad with Dressing400270297010710235712
[more info]Kale Salad without Dressing270150156010590215512
[more info]Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette130120131001002020
[more info]Palace Quinoa Salad with Dressing520300336020700488814
[more info]Palace Quinoa Salad without Dressing410220245020530418314
[more info]Red Wine Vinaigrette1108090.5001157050


[more info]BBQ Sauce5050.5000250110100
[more info]Chipotle Ketchup15000002403030
[more info]French Fry160160182.50<52100000
[more info]Honey Mustard Horseradish Sauce150110131.50020010080
[more info]Mustard BBQ Sauce70202.5000400130110


[more info]Bacon Cheese French Fries81047051100552,2306641124
[more info]Cheese French Fries7204004480351,8906441017
[more info]French Fries5703503840<5370524217
[more info]Onion Rings5403503860251,47043398
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries68039041400700758273
[more info]The Undecided1,17077083110301,6709582410

Alcoholic Beverages

[more info]Blue Moon170000001514002
[more info]Buckler Non-Alcoholic Beer80000000170171
[more info]Cactus Pear Margarita Mix230000001,930290270
[more info]Corona Extra15000000013001
[more info]Heineken140000000110252
[more info]Mesa Margarita230000001,85027010
[more info]Red Wine17000000105000
[more info]Samuel Adams Boston Lager18000000018002
[more info]Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager Beer1700000008002
[more info]Sierra Nevada180000001514002
[more info]Spiked Shake, Coconut Pineapple Rum9103103523012022013101219
[more info]Spiked Shake, Mocha Vodka87030034210120250121110610
[more info]Spiked Shake, Vanilla Caramel Bourbon680300342201252309008310
[more info]White Wine17000000105020

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

[more info]Cherry Coke2100000055560560
[more info]Cherry Zero000000550000
[more info]Coke1900000065540540
[more info]Diet Coke000000550000
[more info]Fresca000000500000
[more info]Ginger Ale1300000045350350
[more info]Iced Tea500000150001
[more info]Lemonade2200000030600560
[more info]Shake, Black & White84033037240135300119110613
[more info]Shake, Blue Pom88032037240135320131012313
[more info]Shake, Coconut88035040270135280127011813
[more info]Shake, Coffee740330392401403009208314
[more info]Shake, Dark Chocolate970360392401353401461012117
[more info]Shake, Malt9020210<5100150102
[more info]Shake, Mint Chocolate Chip87036042270140300116110515
[more info]Shake, Mocha8003303824013530010919614
[more info]Shake, Pistachio1,17061070270135300125510823
[more info]Shake, Strawberry89032037240135270133012513
[more info]Shake, Vanilla780330382401402909709013
[more info]Shake, Whipped Cream25252.51.501001010
[more info]Vitamin Water100000000260260


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.