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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Caesar Burrito - Grilled Salad Burrito940450501901201,93075848
[more info]Carnitas - Baja Burrito830400451811152,28067845
[more info]Carnitas - Bean & Cheese1,010380422011302,370982159
[more info]Carnitas - Burrito Mexicano8301802060702,4201191942
[more info]Carnitas - Burrito Ultimo®920390442111302,33086946
[more info]Carnitas - Diablo Burrito1,100340381501203,2001291958
[more info]Carnitas - Nacho Burrito1,320450512101453,4301482370
[more info]Chicken - Baja Burrito790340381511201,76065852
[more info]Chicken - Bean & Cheese970310351811352,230962167
[more info]Chicken - Burrito Mexicano790120133.50752,1701172050
[more info]Chicken - Burrito Ultimo®880330381811402,19084954
[more info]Chicken - Diablo Burrito1,090310341201252,8701291962
[more info]Chicken - Nacho Burrito1,250370421701453,2001452375
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Baja Burrito85039044161.5801,90078740
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Bean & Cheese1,03037041181.5951,9901082054
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Burrito Mexicano8501701941302,0401291837
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Burrito Ultimo®94038042191.5951,95096841
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Nacho Burrito1,26041046181952,9101542258
[more info]Grilled Veggie80030033171651,880941632
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Baja Burrito780330381511151,84066751
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Bean & Cheese960310351811301,930962065
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Burrito Mexicano790120133.50701,9701171849
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Burrito Ultimo®880320361811301,89084852
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Diablo Burrito1,01029032120902,5001311945
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Nacho Burrito1,19036041801102,8401462263
[more info]No Meat - Bean & Cheese84029033171651,790962039
[more info]Shrimp - Baja Burrito760330371512952,23066747
[more info]Shrimp - Bean & Cheese950310341713102,320962061
[more info]Shrimp - Burrito Mexicano770110133.502452,3701171844
[more info]Shrimp - Burrito Ultimo®860320361813102,28085848
[more info]Shrimp - Diablo Burrito1,060300341202752,9301301956
[more info]Shrimp - Nacho Burrito1,230370421703303,3201462271
[more info]Steak - Baja Burrito85040461811252,04067749
[more info]Steak - Bean & Cheese1,03039043211.51402,350972064
[more info]Steak - Burrito Mexicano8601902170.5752,4001181847
[more info]Steak - Burrito Ultimo®95040044211.51402,31085850
[more info]Steak - Diablo Burrito1,19037041160.51552,8901301967
[more info]Steak - Nacho Burrito1,350440502111753,2201452281


[more info]Carnitas - Baja Bowl6801301440702,480992037
[more info]Chicken - Baja Bowl64060710752,330972045
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Baja Bowl660110112.51252,1201082128
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Baja Bowl59060620402,0501002133
[more info]Shrimp - Baja Bowl6307071.502602,5301002141
[more info]Steak - Baja Bowl700140154.50802,450991941
[more info]Veggie & Cheese - Baja Bowl580901040151,9501012019


[more info]Black Beans - Grilled Wahoo Taco18010100<5550301311
[more info]Carnitas - Americano Soft Taco25011012503564021213
[more info]Carnitas - Original Baja Taco220707202028029210
[more info]Chicken - Americano Soft Taco23090104.503559020216
[more info]Chicken - Original Baja Taco210455102523028212
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Americano Soft Taco240100114.502049023210
[more info]Crispy Wahoo Taco2501201320154202728
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Americano Soft Taco24090104.504049020217
[more info]Grilled Wahoo Taco2308091.502030026412
[more info]Pinto Beans - Grilled Wahoo Taco1705100<5450301110
[more info]Rice - Grilled Wahoo Taco1902021006603713
[more info]Shrimp - Americano Soft Taco23090104.5010564021215
[more info]Shrimp - Original Baja Taco200455109028028211
[more info]Steak - Americano Soft Taco26011013604064021215
[more info]Steak - Original Baja Taco230708202526028211


[more info]Black Beans - 2 Taco Combo Sides18010100<5550301311
[more info]Pinto Beans - 2 Taco Combo Sides1705100<5450301110
[more info]Rice - 2 Taco Combo Sides1902021006603713


[more info]Baja BBQ Chicken Salad (no dressing)430170193060500381130
[more info]Baja BBQ Dressing11090101.500190600
[more info]Caesar Dressing - Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad19019020500470500
[more info]Carnitas - Baja Ensalada ®37016018601001,41020735
[more info]Carnitas - Tostada1,180560621711052,5201002652
[more info]Chicken - Baja Ensalada ®310607201101,21018746
[more info]Chicken - Tostada1,140490551411152,370982760
[more info]Chicken with Shell - Mango Chipotle Salad93047052332.5901,960671042
[more info]Chicken without Shell - Mango Chipotle Salad4202102450901,36023636
[more info]Chile Lime Dressing19019020500470500
[more info]Chipotle Vinaigrette - Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad110809100490800
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Tostada1,20055061151.5702,1401112547
[more info]Fat Free Salsa Verde ® - Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad1500000370310
[more info]Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad6003503990951,11022641
[more info]Grilled Shrimp Chile Lime Salad (no dressing)330140152.501501,490291022
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Baja Ensalada ®31010010301072022834
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Tostada1,130490551411052,070992559
[more info]No Meat - Tostada1,01047053131401,930982532
[more info]Olive Oil Vinaigrette - Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad290280314.500290200
[more info]Ranch Dressing - Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad2602402660.550470402
[more info]Shrimp - Baja Ensalada ®230506202501,11018628
[more info]Shrimp - Tostada1,120490551412852,460992555
[more info]Steak - Baja Ensalada ®45016018711501,24018654
[more info]Steak - Tostada1,230560631721402,380982565


[more info]Caesar Dressing19019020500470500
[more info]Chipotle Vinaigrette - Fire-grilled Chicken Caesar Salad110809100490800
[more info]Fat Free Salsa Verde ®1500000370310
[more info]Olive Oil Vinaigrette290280314.500290200
[more info]Ranch Dressing2602402660.550470402


[more info]Carintas w/ Corn Tortillas920300341101202,6101082350
[more info]Carintas w/ Flour Tortillas1,190380431401203,4501502658
[more info]Carintas w/ Mix Tortillas1,120350401301203,1701402655
[more info]Chicken w/ Corn Tortillas86021024701302,4001052461
[more info]Chicken w/ Flour Tortillas1,14021033701303,2401472769
[more info]Chicken w/ Mix Tortillas1,07026030901302,9601372667
[more info]Crispy Wahoo w/ Corn Tortillas1,0603303791.5852,1801302251
[more info]Crispy Wahoo w/ Flour Tortillas1,34041046121.5853,0201722559
[more info]Grilled Wahoo w/ Corn Tortillas84020023701101,9601052257
[more info]Grilled Wahoo w/ Flour Tortillas1,120280321001102,8001472564
[more info]Shrimp w/ Corn Tortillas84020023703902,5701062255
[more info]Shrimp w/ Flour Tortillas1,120280321003903,4101482562
[more info]Shrimp w/ Mix Tortillas1,05026029903903,1301382460
[more info]Steak w/ Corn Tortillas96032036120.51352,6001072258
[more info]Steak w/ Flour Tortillas1,240400451511353,4401492565
[more info]Steak w/ Mix Tortillas1,170370421411353,1601392463


[more info]Churro - Mini Cheese Quesadilla23090102.50252603212
[more info]Kid's Chicken Taquitos63030033717099060418
[more info]Kids' Mini Bean and Cheese Burrito5401301470251,050841118
[more info]Kids' Mini Bean and Cheese Burrito with Chicken5901301570501,200841228
[more info]Kids' Mini Cheese Quesadilla610230261315094072519
[more info]Kids' Mini Cheese Quesadilla with Chicken65024027131751,09072528


[more info]Churro23090102.50252603212


[more info]Carnitas - Grande Nachos2,0601,0501174342203,1201663283
[more info]Carnitas - Quesadilla1,37078087402.52052,73086967
[more info]Carnitas - Regular Nachos1,030530592221101,560831642
[more info]Cheese - Grande Nachos1,8909701084041552,5301633163
[more info]Cheese - Quesadilla1,20069078372.51402,14084847
[more info]Cheese - Regular Nachos95049054202801,270821632
[more info]Chicken - Grande Nachos2,0209901104142302,9801643291
[more info]Chicken - Quesadilla1,33071080372.52152,59084975
[more info]Chicken - Regular Nachos1,010500552121151,490821646
[more info]Chicken - Tortilla Soup3201301440402,76029417
[more info]Chicken Taquitos with Beans920400461311001,970761846
[more info]Chicken Taquitos with Rice840400461111001,93074937
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Grande Nachos2,0901,040116414.51852,7401763178
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Quesadilla1,400770863831702,35096862
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Regular Nachos1,05052058212.5951,370881639
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Grande Nachos2,0209801104142202,6801643190
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Quesadilla1,33071079372.52052,29084873
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Regular Nachos1,010490552121101,340821645
[more info]Shrimp - Grande Nachos2,0009801104143853,0601643185
[more info]Shrimp - Quesadilla1,31071079372.53852,68084869
[more info]Shrimp - Regular Nachos1,000490552122001,530821643
[more info]Steak - Grande Nachos2,1201,050118444.52552,9901633196
[more info]Steak - Quesadilla1,430780874132402,60084880
[more info]Steak - Regular Nachos1,06053059222.51301,500821648
[more info]Veggie - Quesadilla1,26070078372.51452,310961148
[more info]Without Chicken - Tortilla Soup2701201440152,6002948
[more info]Without Chips - Chicken Torta Sandwich62021023601001,33064645


[more info]1.5 oz. side of Tortilla Chips210809100552933
[more info]3 oz. side of Guacomole11011013100270522
[more info]5 oz. side of Tortilla Chips740300343.51.5017090910
[more info]8 oz. side of Guacomole310290353007101466
[more info]8 oz. side of Pico de Gallo5050.50008901232
[more info]8 oz. side of Salsa Baja70252.5000970742
[more info]8 oz. side of Salsa Roja701010001,0801343
[more info]8 oz. side of Verde50000001,1701132
[more info]Black Beans - Sides360202.510<51,120612623
[more info]Carnitas - Sides30014016601101,0104235
[more info]Chicken - Sides230303.50.501257600248
[more info]Chips and Guacamole1,3407208382.509501412021
[more info]Chips and Salsa Baja8103303741.501,140981413
[more info]Crispy Wahoo - Sides390150162.51.56041025030
[more info]Grilled Wahoo - Sides210253101102401044
[more info]Pinto Beans - Sides32010100<5840562119
[more info]Pronto Guacomole!™560290343103706089
[more info]Pronto Nachos54027030100351,18064615
[more info]Rice2803540.5009805545
[more info]Shrimp - Sides1502020.503357401031
[more info]Side Salad1305061.50<54301645
[more info]Smoky Queso Fundido807085020720306
[more info]Steak - Sides33013014611456700048
[more info]Tostada Shell - Sides490260283.50.506004447
[more info]Veggie Mix110500003302463

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