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Black Angus Burgers

[more info]Back Yard Classic Burger750430471701101,56048<11233
[more info]Back Yard Double Classic Burger1,200780853202152,1804811259
[more info]Bacon Cheddar Burger880530592301351,90048<11241
[more info]Black & Bleu Burger930590652401352,430452942
[more info]Black Jack Burger830510572101302,060431838
[more info]Chipotle Burger990620672401351,9905511641
[more info]Mushroom Swiss Burger840510562201301,30043<1840

Turkey Burgers

[more info]Classic Turkey Burger5302502860901,580410730
[more info]Wild Turkey Burger600300341001051,93043<1835

Chicken Sandwiches

[more info]Blackened Chicken Sandwich610240274.50951,9205011341
[more info]Black Jack Chicken Club700330371001102,24046<1947
[more info]Grilled Chicken Sandwich4501101220901,460450940
[more info]Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich5201101220901,7406322342


[more info]Chicken Tender Basket540330366060810273324
[more info]Veggie Burger42090111.5001,3206791225


[more info]Backyard Salad with Blackened Chicken450190214.50851,680225838
[more info]Backyard Salad with Chicken Tenderloins530290326040980357821
[more info]Backyard Salad with Grilled Chicken35090102.50851,350215838
[more info]Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad66027030901051,7505283145
[more info]Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad with Blackened Chicken770370411101052,0905283145
[more info]Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad with Chicken Tenderloins84046051120601,38066103128
[more info]Side Salad140506301525014346


[more info]Back Yard Chili310160187065980152421
[more info]Baked Potato3009010502011045546
[more info]Chili Cheese Fries - Large (using seasoned fries)1,03068076170402,020707<118
[more info]Chili Cheese Fries - Large (using waffle fries)75047052130401,200496<115
[more info]Chili Cheese Fries - Regular (using seasoned fries)79053059140351,530525014
[more info]Chili Cheese Fries - Regular (using waffle fries)5803704111035970365012
[more info]Creamy Cole Slaw20014016201043015214<1
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Fries - Large1,1407007710<52,1009012<110
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Fries - Regular86053059110<51,730689<18
[more info]Loaded Baked Potato4201902110035460455413
[more info]Panko Onion Rings, Prepared, 4 oz, Regular340120132.50034047385
[more info]Panko Onion Rings, Prepared, 5.5 oz Large42015016300420584106
[more info]Seasoned Fries, prepared, 3.5 oz. Kid's380250284.50075029303
[more info]Seasoned Fries, prepared, 4.5 oz. Regular4803203660099038404
[more info]Seasoned Fries, prepared, 6 oz. Large640430478001,28050505
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries, prepared, 6 oz. Regular450270294.5007704013182
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries, prepared, 9 oz. Large610360396001,1105418243
[more info]Waffle Fries, prepared, 4.5 oz. Kid's6203804270084049604
[more info]Waffle Fries, prepared, 6 oz., Regular820510569001,18066906
[more info]Waffle Fries, prepared, 8 oz., Large1,1006807512001,490881108


[more info]Apple Cobbler39014016700390583303
[more info]Apple Cobbler A La Mode5402102412025440783495
[more info]Blackberry Cobbler310809300180534333
[more info]Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode460150178025230734525
[more info]Cherry Cobbler39014016700380581303
[more info]Cherry Cobbler A La Mode5402102412025430781495
[more info]Ice Cream, A La Carte150708502555200192
[more info]Peach Cobbler350100124.50026057<1373
[more info]Peach Cobbler A La Mode50017020902531077<1565
[more info]Pecan Cobbler730220262562552701181609
[more info]Pecan Cobbler A La Mode8802903330628032013817911
[more info]Shake, Chocolate7503103522012028010019313
[more info]Shake, Chocolate Oreo85035040220120400115110114
[more info]Shake, Peanut Butter830470512501204407927116
[more info]Shake, Strawberry740310352201202409709112
[more info]Shake, Vanilla740310352201202309709112
[more info]Strawberry Cobbler38014016700380581303
[more info]Strawberry Cobbler A La Mode5302102412025430781495

Kids' Menu

[more info]Junior Burger51024026100651,2004601123
[more info]Kids' Back Yard Dog330160187035990331811
[more info]Kids' Crispy Tenders360220244040540182216

Kids' Drinks

[more info]Lemonade, Kids, 12 oz.210000001055060
[more info]Mountain Dew, Kids, 12 oz.1700000060470470
[more info]Mug Root Beer, Kids, 12 oz.1500000060440440
[more info]Pepsi, Kids, 12 oz.1500000030420420
[more info]Sierra Mist, Kids, 12 oz.1500000040390390
[more info]Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry, Kids, 12 oz.000000450000
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade, Kids, 12 oz.2200000010580100
[more info]Sweet Tea, Kids, 12 oz.1200000030310310
[more info]Tropicana Twister, Fruit Punch, Kids, 12 oz.1100000025300300
[more info]Unsweet Tea, Kids, 12 oz.000000350000
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi, Kids, 12 oz.1500000030420420

Large Drinks

[more info]Lemonade, Large, 32 oz.5600000020145015<1
[more info]Mountain Dew, Large, 32 oz.4400000016012401240
[more info]Mug Root Beer, Large, 32 oz.4000000016011601160
[more info]Pepsi, Large, 32 oz.400000008011201120
[more info]Sierra Mist, Large, 32 oz.4000000010010401040
[more info]Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry, Large, 32 oz.0000001200000
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade, Large, 32 oz.6000000030155<127<1
[more info]Sweet Tea, Large, 32 oz.3300000085830830
[more info]Tropicana Twister, Fruit Punch, Large, 32 oz.2900000065800800
[more info]Tropicana Twister, Orange, Large, 32 oz.510000009513901390
[more info]Unsweet Tea, Large, 32 oz.000000950000
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi, Large, 32 oz.400000008011201120

Regular Drinks

[more info]Lemonade, Regular, 20 oz.350000001591090
[more info]Mountain Dew, Regular, 20 oz.28000000100780780
[more info]Mug Root Beer, Regular, 20 oz.25000000100730730
[more info]Pepsi, Regular, 20 oz.2500000050700700
[more info]Sierra Mist, Regular, 20 oz.2500000065650650
[more info]Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry, Regular, 20 oz.000000750000
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade, Regular, 20 oz.3700000015970170
[more info]Sweet Tea, Regular, 20 oz.2100000055520520
[more info]Tropicana Twister, Fruit Punch, Regular, 20 oz.1800000040500500
[more info]Tropicana Twister, Orange, Regular, 20 oz.3200000060870870
[more info]Unsweet Tea, Regular, 20 oz.000000600000
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi, Regular, 20 oz.2500000050700700


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.