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Calories Total Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Protein (g)


[more info]1/2 lb. Black Angus Burger6204511092025124
[more info]1/2 lb. Black Angus Cheese710521301,36025129
[more info]1/2 lb. Black Angus Deluxe720521301,36027131
[more info]1/4 lb. Black Angus Bacon Cheese54038801,14027120
[more info]1/4 lb. Black Angus Burger420285574025114
[more info]1/4 lb. Black Angus Cheese460316596025116
[more info]1/4 lb. Black Angus Deluxe470316596027118
[more info]1/4 lb. Black Angus Mushroom 'N Swiss470326583024119
[more info]Black Angus Bacon Double Cheeseburger53037851,28024122
[more info]Black Angus Bbq Bacon Cheeseburger380255091025114
[more info]Black Angus Cheeseburger310184072023111
[more info]Black Angus Double Burger370235559023114
[more info]Black Angus Double Cheeseburger46030751,03023119
[more info]Black Angus Hamburger26015305002318
[more info]Black Angus Ranch Burger510326592034118


[more info]Crispy Chicken Salad without Dressing or Shell65038601,31048729
[more info]Grilled Chicken Salad without Dressing And Shell30012951,1709335
[more info]Grilled Chicken Southwest Chicken Salad810431151,81055943
[more info]Grilled Chicken Southwest Chicken Salad without Dressing or Shell35012951,21018638
[more info]Seafood Salad250126583017318
[more info]Taco Salad88062851,08050829
[more info]Taco Salad without Shell700598586015526
[more info]Taco Salad without White Sauce And Shell37024801,21014525


[more info]Kens Thousand Island1901820420600
[more info]Litehouse Blue Cheese3003230420202
[more info]Litehouse Caesar Dressing2802830420202
[more info]Litehouse Ginger Sesame70004801602
[more info]Litehouse Lite Ranch1201210400402
[more info]Litehouse Ranch Dressing2402620380202


[more info]1/4 Lb. Black Angus Hot Dog420343597034112
[more info]2 pc Chicken Fingers260152568017114
[more info]Chicken Rings260164573012116
[more info]Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich38013701,26029131
[more info]Halibut Per 4 oz.220112539013015


[more info]Courtesy Cone-1 oz Vanilla Ice Cream301205501
[more info]Ice Cream Cone - 4.5 oz Vanilla Ice Cream140570152005
[more info]Large Shake -18 oz Vanilla Ice Cream490182507068018
[more info]Regular Shake -14 oz Vanilla Ice Cream380141955553014
[more info]Small Shake -10 oz Vanilla Ice Cream270101404038010
[more info]Sundae - 6 oz Vanilla Ice Cream160685252306

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