Our goal is to simplify nutrition.

We believe that nutrition information should be easily accessible, no matter where you are. To help accomplish this, we have built the world's largest open database of nutritional information, with over 320K unique foods, and growing.

Our Focus

Nutrition Data

We are creating the largest nutrition resource on the web. We establish relationships with restaurants and manufacturers so they can provide nutrition information directly to our database. This way, we ensure that we can provide the most accurate information possible.

Nutrition Tools

Gathering the data is only half the battle. In order to truly understand nutrition information, it is necessary to have tools to calculate the data into meaningful measurements. We have created a variety of products to do just that. They are all free for consumers. Check out an example.


Nutrition data should be available to everyone. We have opened our API to allow nutrition and fitness app developers to access our vast database of up-to-date nutrition information. Contact us to learn more about our API.

Meet Our Team

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